Since 1996, graduating seniors have made it a tradition to support the Class Gift Fund, one of Northeastern’s largest scholarship funds.

The Northeastern tradition is that graduates make a parting gift that leaves behind a lasting impact and gives other students the opportunity to succeed. Last year we asked for a gift of $20.18 to commemorate the Class of 2018. No matter the size of your contribution, the Class Gift is special because it is for students, from students.

The Class of 2018 raised an all-time high of over $6,600 for student scholarships. The goal for the Class of 2019 will be to raise $7,000. Class of 2019 graduates are encouraged to donate $20.19 to commemorate their graduation year.

Commemorate your graduation and support a special fund that is for students, from students. Leave your legacy as the largest giving graduating class.

Donate to 2019!

Class Gift Scholarship

Since 1996, graduating seniors have made it a tradition to support the Class Gift Fund, one of the largest scholarship funds at NEIU. Do you believe you are the next lucky recipient of the Class Gift Scholarship? We are currently awarding four student scholarships a year at $400 per award.

Download or pick up a Class Gift Scholarship application from the Office of Alumni Relations. 

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2019 Class Gift Honor Roll

Since its beginning, graduating seniors have participated in the Class Gift to raise funds for student scholarships. Your gift gives other Northeastern Illinois University students the opportunity to succeed. Thank you for leaving your legacy at Northeastern Illinois University.

"Receiving this scholarship give me strength, encouragement and motivation to keep working hard to accomplish all my goals." -Yadira Alonzo, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Scholarship Recipient

"You are giving me the opportunity to have a better future." -Daniela A., Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Yadira Alonzo, Class Gift Scholarship Recipient & Committee, Fall 2018-Spring 2019

Alecia Martin, Class Gift Scholarship Recipient & Committee, Spring 2019

Moneleeke Anderson, Class Gift Scholarship Recipient & Committee, Spring 2019

Maricruz Peligo, Class Gift Committee, Spring 2019

Jose Galicia, Class Gift Committee, Spring 2019

Daniela Arriaga, Class Gift Committee, Spring 2018 - Spring 2019

Michael Sinner

Ashley K. Agron

Jessica Parks-Morris

Nermina Tanovic

Lilyanna Lebron

Joseph Winfield

Academic Affairs

Alpha Psi Lambda

Gamma Phi Omega

Phi Iota Alpha

Sandra L. Watson-Smith

Beatriz C. Rodriguez

Roxana Martinez

Laura Zuniga

Caren A. Krolikiewicz

Irene Rojas

Adriana Delgado

Brenda Gordillo

Orlando Alvarado

Tracy Kim

Dan A. Lewis

Nellie Marquez

Elizabeth Ramirez

Ceylan Durmus

Brandt J. Ronald

Adrienne R. Scott

Presiliana Aburto

Andrea Brow

Nicholas L. Miller

Melanny Buitron

Naufih Patel

Letitia Epps

Olga Marx

Ann H. Almeda

Shirley Caruso

Laura Wagner

Hannah Daramjee

Lissette Madrigal

Class Gift Giving History

As of April 10, 2019, the Class Gift Scholarship fund has been given over 61 gifts and raised $1,194 for the year. Let's keep up the great work!

Class Year Participants Total Class Gift
2019 61 $1,240.09
2018 211 $6,617.61
2017 155 $5,373.21
2016 204 $5,359.17
2015 222 $5322.01
2014 114 $3,008.78
2013 136 $3,223.56
2012 38 $764
2011 22 $934.58
2010 9 $420
2009 12 $1,492.90
2008 18 $720
2007 21 $683
2006 41 $1,278
2005 42 $1,088
2004 63 $1,840
2003 78 $2,836
2002 80 $2,870