As a part of a NEIU legacy family, we value you and your family's continued participation in the life of this University. Your multi-generational family connections are one of our core strengths at NEIU and we love that the traditions of NEIU live on with your family.

Who are legacy families?

The University recognizes legacy families as students and alumni whose family, including parents, grandparents and/or siblings, attended or currently attend NEIU.

We want to get to know you! 

Tell us your story — we want to hear about you and your family's experiences at NEIU. Email us and tell us about you, and please include some current family photos.

Legacy Family Announcement — Please let us know if you are a legacy family so we can honor this distinction during the Academic Honors ceremony. Want to share your story? Email us!

Featured Legacy Families

PoloUs and Wraas Family - Bucket List Achievements

Mother and daughter duo graduate together

Mother and daughter duo graduate together. “Earning a college degree was on our bucket list and it happened.” -Angelina Wraas.

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Blair Family - It's a family thing

Blair family on NEIU campus

Four years after taking the class together, Marge and Jim were married—and each had earned their degrees. “It was quite an experience,” Jim said. “It was a confluence of important events in our lives.”

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Luna-Duarte Family - two Alumnae and a student

Luna Duarte at El Centro

“Our parents always taught us the importance of higher education, even though they only had high school diplomas.” -Maria Luna-Duarte (B.A. '02, Sociology and Political Science; M.A. ' 05 Education Leadership: Higher Education)

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Guendica Family - 8 proud alumni

Quendica family posing for a photo

“We have instilled the importance of education in our children. We constantly remind them, and we use our experience as a model of effort, perseverance and success.”  -Patricia Guendica (B.A. ’84, Psychology)  

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