Enrollment in a degree or endorsement program offered by the Goodwin College of Education introduces students to and immerses them in a rich and impactful framework of professional expectations and values. Understanding and developing the capacity to act on these expectations and values requires focused and intensive commitment, typically articulated within course assignments and clinical experiences.

For more information about our professional expectations and values — as well as our success in shaping educators who embody our expectations and values — please explore the websites listed below.

Mission, Vision and Goals

The mission, vision and goals of the Goodwin College of Education students are grounded in our long history of service to Chicago’s educational and diverse ethnic and racial communities. 


Goodwin College of Education policies provide guidance about important topics such as admission, retention, academic standards, non-academic standards, and graduation. NEIU’s Academic Catalog provides a complete list of all policies that apply to education students. View both the current and past Academic Catalogs.

Please note that effective May 22, 2023, undergraduate students can declare a major at any time after they have earned admission to the University. Undergraduates should make an appointment with a Goodwin College of Education undergraduate program advisor to discuss the requirements of the major they are interested in. The Undergraduate Major Declaration Form must be signed by the undergraduate program advisor and returned to the University Registrar.

Accreditation and Approval

Most programs in the Goodwin College of Education are accredited by two discipline-specific bodies:

These accreditation bodies demand and hold our programs accountable to the highest level of standards for student success. Read more information about our Quality Assurance System.

All programs, accredited and non-accredited, are approved for delivery at NEIU by the State of Illinois. See our complete list of state licensure programs and other programs.


Faculty and programs in our college are organized by department. Please click on the links below to learn more about our departments.


Our program newsletters provide insight into the values and accomplishments of our students, faculty and programs. Please click on the links below to see our most recent newsletters, by program.