In collaboration with a variety of partners, the Daniel L. Goodwin College of Education offers structured support to teacher candidates as they pursue an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL). These “structured supports” begin as early as the summer after high school and provide academic, social and financial support through student teaching and the initial years of employment.

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Pathways for All Undergraduates

Future teachers living learning community

The Future Teachers Living Learning Community is designed for transfer students who are entering Northeastern in order to earn a teaching degree. Over the course of an entire academic year, students interact with and learn from peers, community partners and alumni. They also participate in school-based service projects, engage in professional development activities, and meet Goodwin College of Education faculty and Chicago area teachers and school administrators. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above or by contacting Dr. Kimberly Maljak, Coordinator, at

College of arts & sciences education program

The College of Arts and Sciences Education Program (CASEP) is a learning community for first- and second-year undergraduate students who are interested in becoming teachers. It combines general education courses and early field experiences with discussion and feedback about teaching as a career. Cohorts start each fall and students take courses that are content linked and/or co-taught by faculty. They also may participate in service learning or part-time employment opportunities in educational settings. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above or by contacting Jeremy Babcock, Coordinator, at

Pathways for First-Generation Undergraduates

grow your own teachers

Organized and managed by a Chicago-based non-profit organization, Grow Your Own Teachers provides social, academic, career and financial supports to teacher candidates from diverse backgrounds and communities who demonstrate a deep commitment to equity, excellence and diversity. New cohorts are inducted each semester and activities take place throughout the academic year. More information about the program and the application process can be obtained by clicking on the link above or contacting Luis Meza, Candidate Coordinator, at

Applications are now being accepted for GYO financial assistance and support in the 2024-2025 academic year. Access the applications and submit by May 1, 2024. For assistance, email or call (773) 322-7419. 

TRIO – Student support services teacher preparation program

The Student Support Services Teacher Preparation Program (SSS Teacher Prep) is a federally funded program designed to promote learning, personal development and retention. It provides free support to undergraduate students at NEIU who are first generation or income eligible and planning to earn a teaching degree. SSS Teacher Prep provides students with enhanced academic and personal support, including test preparation; academic tutoring; career planning; academic advising; mentorship; counseling; and exposure to cultural events and graduate degree programs. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above or by contacting Dr. Christina Matuschka, Assistant Director of TRIO Student Support Services, at

Chicago Public School Pathways

Teach Chicago Tomorrow

Organized and led by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the Teach Chicago Tomorrow Program provides four years of social, academic, career and financial supports to Chicago Public Schools high school graduates who plan to become licensed teachers and who enroll at Northeastern immediately after high school or as transfer students from the City Colleges of Chicago. New cohorts are inducted each summer and activities take place throughout the academic year. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above or by contacting Arthur Dennis, Recruitment Specialist, at

Selective Pathways

Golden Apple scholars program in Illinois

The Golden Apple Scholars Program in Illinois is a teacher preparation and tuition assistance program for high school seniors and freshman and sophomore Illinois college students who have the determination and drive to be highly effective teachers in Illinois schools-of-need. Scholars receive up to $23,000 in total financial assistance, inclusive of paid Scholar Institutes. They also receive extensive classroom teaching experience, academic and social-emotional support, job placement assistance and mentorship. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above or by contacting Dr. Bill Kondellas, Faculty Liaison, at

kappa delta pi national honor society

Kappa Delta Pi is America’s largest and most prestigious educational honor society. It was founded in 1911 at the University of Illinois and continues today as a support to future educators who are academically successful, committed to excellence in education, and dedicated to teacher fellowship. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above and by contacting Dr. Bill Kondellas, Faculty Liaison, at

Teacher Residency Program


Offered in collaboration with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the Fantástico Teacher Residency Program is a paid, year-long student teaching experience in a high-need Chicago public high school. The residency begins in the fall semester and ends in the spring semester. Residents can be undergraduate or graduate students and are employees of CPS while they student teach; in return for mentorship and financial support, residents commit to teaching in CPS for at least three years. In addition, by the time that they graduate from Northeastern, all residents earn or add on a high-need endorsement in bilingual education, special education or physical education. Applications open early in the spring semester prior to the fall start. Download the attached program description to obtain more information about the program, or contact Cate Wycoff, Director of Clinical Experiences and Student Teaching, at

Content Test Preparation

The Goodwin College of Education provides a comprehensive portfolio of resources to assist teacher candidates pass the ILTS content exams that are required for teacher licensure. These resources are accessible from the moment that candidates declare their major and can be found in D2L, the learning management software used by course instructors and students. To access the GCOE Content Exam Prep site in D2L, take these two steps:

  1. Log onto D2L and find the GCOE–Content Exam Prep course under the My NEIU Courses heading. Click on GCOE-Content Exam Prep to be directed to the Course Announcements page. You will find valuable information in the Course Announcements regarding test deadlines.
  2. Next, click the Content tab. This will bring you to a series of modules. Click the Start Here tab. The Start Here module will provide you with contact information for the Content Area Test Prep Coaches, their roles and responsibilities, and information regarding the other modules available to support you.

In addition to the resources available on D2L, the Goodwin College of Education provides free ILTS Content Exam workshops for enrolled students during the fall, spring and summer semesters. The workshops take place on Zoom and are designed to provide strategies and other supports for successfully completing the ILTS exams required for teacher licensure in Illinois. Registration takes place at the start of every semester. Register for the upcoming semester of workshops. For more information, email Dr. Jo Ann Karr at

If you have questions about NEIU content exam support, please reach out to our Content Test Coaches, Angie Maglaris at and Mary Bortz at

Child Care

Northeastern Illinois University’s Child Care Center is dedicated to providing the children of students, faculty and staff of Northeastern and the surrounding community with loving care and a high-quality early childhood education.

The Child Care Center is managed by the Goodwin College of Education and provides a laboratory situation where students can receive practical, guided experience in working with young children in toddler, preschool, kindergarten and summer child care programs. For more information, contact Christina Hidaka, Director, at

GCOE Student Appeal for Emergency Funds

Goodwin College of Education students who are in need of funding for emergency tuition assistance must complete an online application and provide relevant supporting documentation. 

A GCOE Committee will review applications and make decisions based on the criteria below. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current GCOE majors, regardless of immigration status, who are currently enrolled or trying to enroll in classes for an upcoming semester.
  • Students must be in good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate students, and 3.0 for graduate students.
  • Students must thoroughly explain how they have exhausted all other possible financial resources (such as applying for student loans, scholarships, and other revenue opportunities). 
  • Students must provide sufficient documentation of financial need (such as a 'Student Payment Services hold' on their account that is preventing them from registering for classes; or an unpaid student tuition bill).  The documentation should be uploaded as a screenshot or a PDF, with the image showing the date and the student’s name.

Decisions regarding disbursement of funds are made on a case-by-case basis and amounts are based on eligibility, documentation of need, and availability of funds. Due to limited funds, first-time applicants, and applicants nearing program completion are prioritized. Returning applicants will be considered based on availability of funds. Applicants may be asked to meet with the GCOE committee to discuss their application. 

To apply, please complete the application: GCOE Student Appeal for Emergency Funds.