Teacher candidates must apply one year in advance of the semester in which they plan to do their clinical experience or student teaching. All teacher candidates are required to attend a CEST Clinical Information Session and a CEST Student Teaching Information Session before submitting an application. The CEST Office will not accept applications from any teacher candidate who has not attended the pre-application information meeting related to the respective field experience.

Clinical and Student Teaching Information Sessions

The Clinical and Student Teaching Information Sessions will be announced on the CEST NEIUport Group site.  Teacher candidates are responsible for regularly reviewing the CEST NEIUport Group site for these meeting announcements.

At the Clinical and Student Teaching Information Sessions, teacher candidates will receive information regarding their respective field experience as well as information about application procedures, policies, expectations, timelines and other related items.

Teacher candidates who do not attend the pre-application information session must attend a session and submit an application for placement in a future semester.