2020 SGA Candidates

Please note: All text has been posted as submitted to SGA. 


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Candidate: Jordan Andalcio (no photo or bio available)

Candidate: Angel J. Diaz 
Position seeking: President 
Class standing: Senior 
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I’ve had the honor of previously serving as
President of the Chicago District Association of Student Councils and appointed by
the Chicago Board of Education to serve as the Honorary Student Board Member.
Accomplishments include securing funding from the Mayor’s office for restorative
justice practices throughout Chicago. I am a Current SGA Senator. 
Campaign Platform: Community. The Last couple of weeks might have been bumpy
for most of us. As we take our next steps forward, as president, I can reassure your
needs will be addressed. Over our break, I worked with local officials on following
up with our senior citizens, flattening obstacles they may have, while adding a sense
of normalcy for them. I will do the same as your president, using all of our resources
from school leaders to city leaders to advocate for you.  
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? NEIU offers so many great resources but many students don’t know about them. For example, a classmate couldn’t receive work-study funding because they didn’t file by a separate deadline. Costing students more in out-of-pocket costs. There are many more similar stories and I want students to know that we are here for them. 
How do you plan to address these issues? Continue to work with students and
administration to build on NEIU’ restorative justice work that leads the state. Create
needed task forces and uphold the principle that decisions made in the best interests
of students are when students are involved.  
What would be your first action once in office? Establish an independent task force of students from
different backgrounds to identify how we can make information and reports more
transparent to students. Establish a president report that will echo events on
campus. And meet with every department my first month in office to echo our
message of community.

Candidate: Melanie Glover 
Position seeking: President
Class standing: Graduate Student
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I am currently the President for Student Government Association, Member of Black Caucus, Member of Black Heritage Committee. Residence Life Ambassador, and Vice President of Justice Studies Club.  I have previously been the Chief of Staff for Student Government Association, Anti-Basileus (Vice President) for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. United Greek Council: Community Service Chair, University Advisory Council: Student Representative, Student Government Association: Chief Justice and Senator, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated: Parliamentarian, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated: Anti-Grammateus, and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated: Chaplain.
Campaign Platform: Students need advocacy , transparency and dedication. I am willing to advocate for students. I am willing to be transparent and let  students know the problem and offer solutions. I am willing to keep going and be consistent no matter what.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? The critical issues that NEIU is facing are technology accessible, students mental state, and students being aware on how to deal with life as we know it.
How do you plan to address these issues? I am plan on becoming knowledgeable, offering solutions, and being willing to help by any means necessary.
What would be your first action once in office? My first action would to sit with students and hear exactly what they need to be successful and graduate.

Vice President

Candidate: Brandon Byrd
Position seeking: Vice President
Class standing: Senior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: Currently, I am a Senator in the Student Government Association. 
Campaign Platform: Increasing school spirit on campus
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Student voices are not being heard. There has been a lack of interconnectedness not only between faculty and students, but students and their peers. It is time for a paradigm shift. One of the major keys to academic success is contingent upon our diverse community working together cohesively to bring about change.
How do you plan to address these issues?This change must start with us. I am committed to fostering a place for open dialogue within our community, encouraging student involvement, and advocating for student issues.
What would be your first action once in office? I will work to make sure NEIU is known as an inclusive environment dedicated to academic success.

Candidate: Maleeha Chughtai
Position seeking: Vice President
Class standing: Junior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I am a social work major and have acquired leadership skills facilitating youth workshops, participating in press conferences, co-teaching German classes and constantly advocating for the rights of the refugee and immigrant population. I have worked with non-profits, such as Asian American Advancing Justice, GirlForward, ICIRR and Helping Hand for Relief and Development to advance humanitarian rights. A leadership position in a university setting is new to me, but I am excited to use my past experiences and skills to guide my position as a vice president.
Campaign Platform: Power to the students. My platform is all about empowering every student to feel welcome and empowered at campus. As a transfer student, or freshmen entering a commuter school, it can be hard to build friendships. In my platform, I want to ensure that students are able to communicate and get to know each other with online communication and feel confident in attending NEIU.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students?From past experiences of talking to students from a variety of majors, I have seen that inclusion is a critical issue. Many students want to have a college experiences that enrich their life, help them grow and ready them for their workforce. However, some students do not feel represented in their reading materials, struggle with building relations in a classroom that has cliques, and want better relations with their professors.
How do you plan to address these issues? I want to address these issues with three different processes that can be prioritized through a vote by the students . First, I will communicate with the departments that are focused on heavy reading materials, and discuss options that allow students to feel more represented. Second, I will try to set up cafe online hours at zoom that allow any student to sign up and connect with other students, to increase student interaction. Lastly, I will ask teachers, based on availability, to set up bi-monthly meetings that are solely dedicated to learn more about the professors ongoing research, fieldwork, and advice depending on student need.
What would be your first action once in office? To stay true to my campaign platform, "Power to the Students," I would send out a poll that allows students to vote about what issue they find most pressing and get started on it, once I receive the poll.

Candidate: Wendy Cruz
Position seeking: Vice President
Class standing: Sophomore
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I have led many leadership roles in different organization throughout NEIU including chartering a new organization last semester. I have experience in planning events, being in student government this past year, I’ve led Treasurer, Vice President, Marketing Affairs and many other roles.
Campaign Platform: I am running to be a voice for the NEIU students whose issues are not heard and addressed. Bringing light to the importance of building community amongst those that want to be apart of extending their college experience through campus involvement. Bring more inclusivity hand in hand with diversity for our campus community to be representative.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? I’ve encountered varity of issues throughout my time at NEIU, but the biggest change I want to have happen at NEIU is bettering student resources across the campus as such extending library hours, building better relationships amongst faculty, staff and students. Working on improving the academic curriculum to be more diverse and inclusive across every academic department just to name a few.
How do you plan to address these issues? I have build my own relationships amongst many folks across campus, utilizing the resources for many other students to access. Working with different departments and administrators to help to improve the academic which I believe is a huge asset no more what you are studying, having a more inclusive curriculum to better prep students for the real world. As a student leader having a place to study late on campus is very difficult because the library closes early, I will make sure the plan to extend the hours follows through.
What would be your first action once in office? My first plan is to have a full representation of SGA COC members and Senators. Having a full SGA that is representative and full will allow better outcomes for all students to engage and enjoy. Bringing in more student leaders to learn about the university fundamentals will enhance better campus environment.

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Candidate: Zeba Mohammad Arif (no photo or bio available)


Candidate: Sara Galván Orozco
Position seeking: Treasurer
Class standing: Senior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: EIC of QOS Magazine, First-Year Experience Peer Mentor, Co-Chair of Council of Clubs in Student Government Association, President of ChiMexLA, URO Member, NEIU Foundation Board Student Liason, Council of the Status of Latinx Students Member, Art Club member. 
Campaign Platform: I am dedicated to making sure our student activity fee is used effectively and that it is for the students where it promotes community engagement and community awareness. In addition, I want to improve the process of awarding funding to organizations to ensure that all organization proposals are being reviewed with the same critical lens. I plan to review and adjust the way Council of Clubs (COC) Representatives engage with the student body. I would like for the council to improve in our follow up procedures to ensure that the student's money is being allocated effectively. I believe that COC Representatives are the core of the Student Government Association and that should be recognized and accurately compensated.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? There are many areas of improvement, especially with retention and competent cultural mental health resources.  I believe in improving student leaders' retention and resources in order to support the rest of the student body. 
How do you plan to address these issues? 
What would be your first action once in office? First, I will focus on community building within the council. It is important that the council has a level of respect and community in order to effectively execute our agenda and to be able to engage in discussions. I will encourage COC reps to have a strong voice in the council and to always be comfortable asking questions. With the help of my Co-Chair, I will make sure that COC representatives are well informed and trained to allocate proper funding. I will host a feedback session where I invite student organization leaders to come with comments, concerns, and questions. 


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Candidate: Ayesha Bashir (no photo or bio available)

Candidate: Marlene Flores
Position seeking: Secretary
Class standing: Freshman
Past experiences in leadership roles: captain of sports teams; basketball and track-in-field.
Campaign Platform: I would like to focus on the students being comfortable with themselves on campus and them learning and using the different resources the university provides to help them with tuition and everyday struggles of being a college student. 
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? I believe that the critical issues facing NEIU students are time management, debt, homesickness, and social problems. 
How do you plan to address these issues? Educate students what's the everyday struggle of an undocumented student during Eagle Day or Welcome Week.- create a handout listing the financial resources and where the financial aid office is to freshmen and transfer students to help them understand NEIU will help them along their journey to graduation-promote ways for students to get more involved with their campus clubs and organizations, they can go to a couple of meeting for a specific club or organization before becoming committed. It's okay to change you mind.-Have students attend their professors office at least once a week for at least 30 minutes and have a check in with their professors about the material of the course.
What would be your first action once in office? My first action in office would be to expand financial aid resources amongst students and undocumented students.

Chief of Staff

Candidate: Isaac J Espinoza 
Position seeking: Chief of Staff
Class standing: Junior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I've been a member of Omega Delta and the Student Government Association for a year.
Campaign Platform: My parents were born in Guanajuato, Mexico. By coincidence, their families moved to the same neighborhood in Chicago. My mom went to Farragut High School and played basketball while my dad was at Curie High School. They met each other on a vacation in their home city. Mutual friends introduced my parents to each other. They were known as the only people who spoke English. They fell in love with each other and had me later in their life. Since then we’ve been living on the Southside. I went to Curie High School and made friends with people from all walks of life. I started to get political when I took a sociology class. One of our assignments was to take part in a rally. I attended a march for a higher minimum wage. I’ve been inspired by the power of the people. A Chicago police office murdered Laquan McDonald, and I went downtown to protest. I’m working on improving a lot of different aspects with regards to diversity and inclusion, and a lot of us on this ballot are working on doing a lot of transparency and communication with the student body and administration.Also, I wants to develop a network between students, organizations and departments to help facilitate connections between students and the resources they need and want.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Given our administration's past. Students were against Sean Spicer speaking at our campus and even with a petition and a protest he spoke. There was a flyer that was posted on NEIUs Instagram account and it was upsetting to some. It seems faculty just act without taking account our opinions. They didn't even consult with us when they changed the cafeteria food serving hours. At present, the school is ill-prepared. There isn’t an emergency plan in place for the situation the world has found itself in. As of March 31st, a petition made and signed by students hasn't been acknowledged. The petition being passed around regards switching courses to a pass/fail grading scale. Some students have trouble learning online and they need a hands-on approach to succeed. Our classmates are wondering if there is going to be tuition reimbursement for going from in-class lectures to online lectures. More questions are being asked, and we aren't receiving answers.
How do you plan to address these issues? I will put my talents and effort in standing strong with students. Whenever there is turmoil, a complaint,  or the call to action I will bring it to the association for discussion.
What would be your first action once in office? I enjoy advocating for students, ensuring student funds are being used in a responsible manner, and encouraging students to reach for their dreams and accomplish their goals. I have made a CHOICE to serve YOU, the students, to the best of my ability. The first course of action is to ensure our voices are being heard.We are a ticket that each of you sees yourself in: young, scared, handsome and so sick of NEIU taking away mints that we will fight tooth and nail to bring them back.

Candidate: Gregory Muenzer 
Position seeking: Chief of Staff
Class standing: Junior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I have been chief justice of the Student Government Association since May of 2019, where I've spent a considerable amount of time working with the current Chief of Staff and the Charter Oversight and Regulations Committee on a new version of the SGA Constitution. Ive also been the acting vice president of the Politics Club, where I worked with our president to secure funds from the Council of the Clubs to bring a group of students down to Springfield for the 2020 Model Illinois Government Competition. In that role, I also helped advise and prepare the NEIU moot court team, where we had 4 students place in the quarterfinals of the competition.
Campaign Platform: I want to run for SGA chief of staff because I have seen many organizational issues with Northeastern in general that I believe could be solved through a more representative, more active student government. The student government represents the most direct voice students have in bringing issues to the university's administrators, and I want to work with the executive board to help spread awareness that students do have an organization they can go to with problems they face on campus that will listen to them, advocate for them, and work to make the university as a whole a better learning environment.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Northeastern is a commuter school, and I believe many of our students can feel very disconnected from our campuses and from the invaluable resources they can provide. Unfortunately, I think this disconnect has also led to many instances where administrative burdens on students has left students with holds or hurdles that prevent them from registering from classes or getting their grades. Some students have even gotten so frustrated with many of our procedures on campus that they've taken the step to transfer to other schools, and the fact that students would take such a step due to needlessly convoluted practices is unacceptable. Every office and every administrator on campus works with the goal of facilitating an education for our students, but students should not have to divert attention away from their classes simply because they missed a deadline to fill out a form that only takes moments to complete. Northeastern is a learning institution, and there should really be nothing getting in the way of that whatsoever.
How do you plan to address these issues? To solve these issues, I want to increase the Student Government Association's presence on campus by going to each department individually to find out directly from the source what the needs of the students in each department are, and to try and spread awareness that students on every campus and in every department do have an organization on campus that will fight for them and represent their interests. Many students on campus may be unaware that they have access to the level of representation on campus that the SGA can provide them unless they're members of a larger club or organization on campus, and I want to change that. This could be achieved by holding more frequent town halls on campus, encouraging students to visit SGA office hours, and by doing whatever else we can to increase the connection between student government and the larger student body. I also want to see the SGA work with the various offices on campus directly in helping to spread the word about what is required from students and to hopefully streamline some of the administrative hurdles many students go through attending NEIU.
What would be your first action once in office? My first action once in office would be to increase work on finishing the new SGA constitution so as to hopefully better organize the SGA and create a more effective student government that can advocate for students in even more effective ways. It is critical that students within the SGA maintain enthusiasm and diligence in their work, and it's critical that the organization itself is structured in a way that facilitates SGA senators and COC representatives with the tools they need to effectively represent the NEIU student body as a whole. I'm hoping that in passing a new constitution, we can increase the level of participation and enthusiasm SGA members have in carrying out their duties, and increase the effectiveness of the SGA as a whole.

Director of Public Relations and communications

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Candidate: Jason Franco (no photo or bio available)

Candidate: Mara Galeno 
Position seeking: Communications and Public Relations
Class standing: Junior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I have been extremely involved in community college and have had similar roles to the position I am running for. I have served as President of the Campus Activities Board, Senator for the Morton College Ambassadors Program to which I have attended several SGA meetings, I founded a food pantry for the students and personally reached out and partnered with the Chicago Greater Food Depository. On top of all this, I was Vice Chair for the HOPE Scholarship (a scholarship for undocumented students) and raised over $8,000 from small donations and larger donations from businesses.
Campaign Platform: Every student must be seen and heard!
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? The critical issue that most students are left unheard. Last semester, a group of undocumented students suggested to have aid from the school to pay their DACA Renewal Fees. As a DACA student, I expressed my ways I wanted to help with this issue with Luvia Moreno and created a fundraiser for DACA Renewals. We surpassed our goal of $2,000. This is just one example. There are perhaps several other students struggling with factors that not many are aware of.
How do you plan to address these issues? I plan to host an open forum where students can come in and voice their opinion on campus and be comfortable sharing their thoughts. The open forum will consist of zero staff/faculty that are not students of NEIU to ensure comfortability. Once the meeting is over, all notes will be handed to President Gibson so she can see what the students are saying.
What would be your first action once in office? My first action in office would definitely be to put myself and the rest of SGA out there and get ourselves known on campus that way more students can see us and know that we are there for them.

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Candidate: Kenny Kozyra (no photo available)
Position seeking: PR Director
Class standing: Senior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: SGA Supreme Court Justice VP of  an off campus club
Campaign Platform: I am energetic and motivated to get people involved on campus. I was in charge of advertising and social media for an off campus board gaming group. I'm a big nerd, so this matters to me a lot. As such I'll work hard to improve the SGA.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? There are a lot of issues at NEIU, mostly budget related. However, an issue I think I'd be able to help fix is getting people involved.
How do you plan to address these issues? Proper advertisement, cross department communication, and consistent events. I know, for me, it was difficult to find where to find things on campus. If we can better inform the students, I think more people will get involved
What would be your first action once in office? I would steal the declaration of independence. Bet.


Candidate: Natalia Borowska
Position seeking: IBHE-SAC Representative
Class standing: Junior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: NEIU Student Government Association - Senator (2019 - Present)NEIU First Year Experience (FYE) - Lead Peer Mentor (2017 - Present)NEIU University Honors Program Advisory Board - Class Representative (2018 - Present)NEIU Alternative Spring Break - Philadelphia, PA Trip Leader (Spring 2020)
Campaign Platform: I am running to be your 2020-2021 IBHE-SAC Representative, because I believe in the greatness of Northeastern Illinois University. I think there is a lot of potential for the university to begin creating a big name for itself, and one way we can do that is by demanding change, change that favors our student body, from Springfield. In my 3 years at the university, I have encountered some of the best students, staff, faculty, and programs in the state’s higher education system, in which deserve good leadership and representation in the Illinois Board of Higher Education committees. It’s time for the Illinois Board of Higher Education to begin recognizing the students here at Northeastern Illinois University, which is why I ask for your vote for IBHE-SAC Representative.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? A critical issue I have repeatedly heard from students during my time as Senator is their feeling of disconnectedness in both NEIU itself, and in higher education establishments overall. The truth is that students’ voices are rarely considered or even heard when the important decisions that impact our education are made. By changing this culture and putting avid student leaders such as myself into these important positions, we can make sure that students interest are being advocated for.
How do you plan to address these issues? As a member of the SGA Executive Board, I will make sure that our NEIU students’ voices are being heard by administration by working directly with the SGA President, Student Trustee, and NEIU President to make sure that all the steps we take moving forward are in the interest of the students, and are what the students truly want. As an IBHE-SAC Representative, I will solve the previously-mentioned issues by being an effective, straightforward, and transparent advocate for the students. I will make sure that NEIU students are being considered and valued in the important conversations that happen in the IBHE committee meetings.
What would be your first action once in office? One of the first actions that I would take as the IBHE-SAC Representative is create a system in which NEIU students have direct access to what is discussed in the IBHE-SAC meetings, where I would represent Northeastern Illinois University. This can entail, for example, as a section of the SGA newsletter or in NEIU’s very own Independent newspaper, where I discuss exactly what was gone over in the IBHE-SAC meetings. This way, students can be in the know and there can be full transparency and accountability in the system.

Student Trustee

Candidate: Gabriela Loredo
Position seeking: Student Trustee
Class standing: Going into senior year
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I was a student ambassador for the office of admissions. I was a student mentor for 6yrs for the program GEAR UP.  I am part of several clubs and organizations on campus such as : Women iGNiTE X NEIU Chapter , member of Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Incorporated , ChiMexLA , Pre-Law Society , Executive board member of UGC (United Greek Council) . I have also in the past been part of SGA in the Council Of Clubs Committee.
Campaign Platform: Every student should feel represented.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Some of the issues that NEIU students face is lack of representation. It ranges from our students who are veterans , parents , adult learners, commuters , undocumented students and many other others. The most critical issue is the lack of support and accessibility on campus. Students need to feel welcomed in all spaces , in all departments and by all staff/faculty at all times. We need guidance and mentor ship. We need better student services , that are properly  staffed and accessible. We , the students are investing our time , money and effort on our future , on our education and in this University. We would like NEIU to invest in us too.
How do you plan to address these issues? I am realistic that change takes time and effort. I plan on always speaking up for every  students best interest , every time a decision is being made that affects students , I plan on being there to be their voice. I plan on bringing up the critical issues that students face and coming up with ways to change that alongside the board members. Not all change involves money , but all change does involve effort and determination.
What would be your first action once in office? My first action would be to speak on issues that students have and are presently faced in campus and working alongside the appropriate people to correct that.


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Candidate: Sean Gunderson (no photo or bio available)

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Candidate: Saarah Junaid (no photo available)
Position seeking: Senator
Class standing: Sophomore
Current/past experience in leadership roles:I have been a tutor, I have have organized events in high school for Our chapter of the National Honor Society, I have worked with the people and children for a long time being a teacher or a tutor or a camp leader.
Campaign Platform: My campaign platform is going to consist of making a positive impact of the university to help all students.  I want to be more involved at the university and give back!
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Not knowing what’s going on at the university, or not having the time to stay on campus as this is a commuter school, or not being able to participate in events. Also there are a lot of financial issues that face the students at the University.
How do you plan to address these issues? Coming up with new legislation and information that can help students  at the university.
What would be your first action once in office? I would like to review correct legislation and see if it is still applicable to students and see if those need changes.

Candidate: Mariah McKinney 
Position seeking: Senate
Class standing: Senior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: I am currently a Resident Assistant at the Nest. I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. I was a senator this past school year .
Campaign Platform: I am running as a person who wants everyone voice to be heard and I don’t want the Nest students voices to be silenced.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? One issues is student housing and how it ran.
How do you plan to address these issues? I plan on helping and offering different solutions to how things can be ran differently for students and staff
What would be your first action once in office? My first action would be to invite all The Nest students to the meeting to voice their concerns.

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Candidate: Vivek Pandey (no photo available)
Position seeking: Senator
Class standing: Senior
Current/past experience in leadership roles: FYE Peer Mentor, Philosophy Tutor, Revolutionary Leader.
Campaign Platform: Freedom.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Liberation.
How do you plan to address these issues? Action.
What would be your first action once in office? Liberate the masses.

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Candidate: Anjell Williams (no photo or bio available)

Council Of Clubs Representative

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Candidate: Gabriel Can (no photo available)
Position seeking: Council of Clubs Representative
Class standing: Sophomore
Current/past experience in leadership roles: Management of multimillion dollar equipment and logistic on an international level.  To include a the supervision of a team 14 individuals not including consistent communication with the international locations to ensure efficiency was at its highest.
Campaign Platform: The goal is to ensure all clubs are being treated equally and given the same opportunities in regard to their chances toward gain funding.  Coinciding the idea of being cautious of how the funding is being managed and ensuring that it is essential to their needs. At the end of the day I intend to carry on the developments that the Council of Clubs has been maintaining for so long.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Due to the nature and diversity of the university's community by being a commuter school, it will be very difficult to have the time to meet with every club/student that is presently attending Northeastern. To include their is a dynamic of new cultures that I am being introduced to everyday, this is not per se a problem, but it is a set back.
How do you plan to address these issues? Set times to meet with clubs, and take the time to learn about the new cultures the world has to offer through Northeastern Illinois University. I want to do this to mitigate the chance of excluding a group of people and ensure everyone is being thought of.
What would be your first action once in office? Set times to meet with every club in some form or another.

Candidate: Destiny Davis 
Position seeking: COC Rep
Class standing: 2nd
Current/past experience in leadership roles:SGA Secretary 
Campaign Platform: Vote for someone who cares about the students and their needs.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? Inclusiveness Equality
How do you plan to address these issues? Talk to higher powers and advocate for change
What would be your first action once in office? Charter new clubs

Candidate: Amarilis Nayely Rodriguez 
Position seeking: COC Rep
Class standing: Junior
Current/past experience in leadership roles:Public Relations Officer of NEIU American Chemical Society Club Fall 2019President of Alpha Lambda Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor's Society 2018-2019 Vice President of Malcolm X City College Biology Club 2018-2019Public Relations Officer of Malcolm X City College Biology Club 2017-2018
Campaign Platform: Hi! My name is Amarilis Rodriguez and I am a junior majoring in Middle-Level Education Math & Science. I am running for Council of Clubs representative because I want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to join a club and/or organization where they can explore their interests and grow professionally and personally. Also, I want to make sure that the money collected with the activity fee in our tuition is being distributed fairly. In order to do so. I will focus on making sure this funding is extended throughout the entire campus.
What do you believe to be the critical issues facing NEIU students? I believe an issue facing NEIU students is the lack of transparency we receive regarding certain charges on our tuition and how that money is being put to use. If we look at our tuition statement there is a wide variety of fees and charges. Some we are able to opt-out of such as the parking fee, but others such as the U-Pass, Recreation, and Activity fee we are not.
How do you plan to address these issues? I plan to address this issue by asking my fellow Student Government officers on how we can best communicate with our fellow students all of the services we have allotted to us because of those fees. Such as the $70 dollars given to us each semester to print and the fact that the events we hold on campus for students by clubs and organizations are funded from the activity fee. Additionally, the free gym and pool we have to our disposal because of our recreation fee. Also, I would like to find a way to opt-out of the U-Pass fee for students who drive to school every day and do not need the U-Pass. Why force students to pay for two modes of transportation when they only use one?
What would be your first action once in office? My first action in office would be to sit down with the previous COC Reps and ask them what worked and did not work for them during the previous year and how they would change things if they could do things over again because there is always room for improvement in these processes to better assist our clubs and organizations with requesting for funding.

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Candidate: Tierra Tucker (no photo or bio available)