The NEIU Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body for the student body at NEIU. The purpose of SGA is to lead with integrity, embracing our diversity to promote a cohesive and unified student body. It is the mission of the SGA to be the voice of all students.

The SGA is composed of three distinct agglomerating bodies: the Council of Clubs (16 reps), justices (5), and senate (16 senators). These groups are led by the Executive Board, which is composed of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, the IBHE-SAC (Illinois Board of Higher Education Student Advisor Council) student representative, and the student trustee.

The senate is the main body that advocates for the student body. The senators serve on one of two standing committees: The Student Life Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee.

The Council of Clubs is the main body advocating for, creating, and funding organization life on campus. Council of Clubs Representatives serve on one of two standing committees: Promotions & Appointments Committee or the Charter Rules & Regulation Committee.

Get involved in SGA today! The Student Government Association gives you the opportunity to interact with your peers while you represent the student body in making decisions that affect the quality of student life at NEIU. 

The student justices are appointed by the president of SGA. All other members of the SGA are elected in the spring semester. If you are interested in elections, contact the Student Leadership and Development Office at Contact the SGA secretary for inquiries regarding current openings in SGA.