There are many ways to get involved on the NEIU campus. A good place to start is to join a student organization. But, if you cannot find an organization in your area of interest and you think others on campus share your interest, you can start your own!

Here are some things to keep in mind in order to charter a new organization:

  • The organization must have a minimum of two (2) currently enrolled students.
  • All members must have and maintain an accumulative 2.0 GPA or a higher GPA (as stipulated in your constitution).
  • An advisor is not required but is recommended. They must be a faculty or staff member and will need to write a letter indicating they agree to serve as the advisor for the organization.
  • The purpose of the organization has to be unique from already existing chartered organization; and general enough to gain a healthy membership and have longevity on the campus.
  • Finally, this organization cannot be managed by any academic department. The sole functioning of the organization must be managed by the students, alone. This stipulation exists because all chartered orgs have the potential to receive student fee funding. Student fees cannot be used by or for academic department purposes.

Steps for chartering new organization:

1. Click on Organization Tab

2. Fill out application on NEIU Network Login with NEIUport login and password.

3. Upload constitution/bylaws. (Sample Constitution)

4. Things to Do After Becoming an Official SLD Organization