Leadership In Dialogue: A Leadership Course for Critical Thinkers
Spring 2020

As part of the Leadership Pathways program, Leadership In Dialogue is a free, seven-week leadership course comprised of round table discussions exploring leadership, change, and critical perspectives. This weekly seminar is offered as part of the Leadership Pathways Certificate Program.  

Throughout the Leadership Pathways program, we will explore questions related to leadership:

  • What is leadership?
  • How can leaders improve?
  • How do differences in values, intersectional identities, cultures, and lived experiences influence leaders and/or perceptions of leaders?

Weekly round table discussions will serve as an introduction to select leadership approaches, philosophies and models. Through small and large group discussion, readings, and culminating project exploring the real-world contexts of leadership, students will learn how to critically consume leadership theory and construct an understanding of the role of leadership and change within organizations.

While completing the course, students will have the option to further their learning by attending additional workshops and earning a Leadership Pathways Program Certificate and be recognized at the LEAD Reception in April.

Please contact Veronica Rodriguez at v-rodriguez9@neiu.edu with any questions. 


The deadline for registration was Jan. 21, 2020. Applications are now closed. 


Jan. 23-March 5, 2020
Every Thursday 
5:40-6:55 p.m.

All class sessions will take place in the Angelina Pedroso Center unless otherwise noted. 


Attendance and Participation

Students are expected to attend all class sessions and to actively participate in all discussions. Students who miss more than two classes during the seven-week seminar will receive not earn a certificate at the end of the program.

Final Project

Throughout their involvement, participants will reflect on their experiences and design a presentation sharing their leadership journey. This ten minute presentation will take place on the last day of class and should illustrate each student's leadership style and strengths. It should incorporate readings and reflections about the participant's experience in their co-curricular involvement.


Attend three leadership workshops, lectures, or seminars held on campus. Students can attend any workshop(s) hosted by any University department including of Office of Student Leadership Development, Pedroso Center, Academic Help, Library, etc.