Council of Clubs (COC)

The Council of Clubs (COC) is the funding and chartering entity for all NEIU student clubs and organizations that fall under the Student Leadership Development umbrella. The council consists of  COC representatives, a vice chair, and a chair (who is also the treasurer of the Student Government Association). All members of the COC are currently enrolled students elected during the spring Student Government Elections. The COC convenes every week during the academic year to review funding proposals, new club charter applications, and club constitutional and bylaw proposed changes.

The Council of Clubs has the authority to approve or deny new club charter applications; as well as suspend or revoke currently chartered clubs found in violation of the Student Government Charter Policy.

The Council of Clubs is responsible for the distribution of the Student Activity Fee allocated to fund club/organization events and initiatives. This responsibility includes allocating the following types of funding:

  • Annually funded club budgets and related Changes of Purpose requests
  • Event-by-event funding
  • Developmental funds
  • COC merit grant funding (when available) 

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