All dates and deadlines, announcements, information, news, and other resources will be posted at the CEST Group homepage found in NEIUport Groups. Students planning to pursue a degree in an education program requiring clinical coursework and/or student teaching are required to join the CEST Group in NEIUport Groups.  This should be done during enrollment in the ECED 301, 302 and  EDFN 305, 306, 307, 406, 407 courses, or immediately upon deciding to pursue a degree in Education.

To join the CEST NEIUport Group, a teacher candidate should follow the below instructions:

  1. Login to NEIUport.
  2. Click the GROUPS icon (top right).
  3. Click the GROUPS INDEX tab.
  4. Click the Student Group link under "Categories."
  5. Click on CEST8.
  6. Click JOIN GROUP (Responses to a couple of questions may be required.).

Once you are a member of a CEST NEIUport Group, please remember to regularly check this site for important announcements, news, and application information.