Planning for Summer Enrollment?

Processing of summer assistance begins April 1 in order to have award eligibility authorized prior to the down payment/confirmation deadline.

Full-time enrollment for the summer semester (combined sessions First Half, Second Half, Full) is 12 credit hours. Students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours) to receive most financial aid programs during summer term. Students planning to enroll during all summer sessions (First Half, Second Half, Full) must complete all registration prior to June 1 for maximum financial aid eligibility.

Undergraduate Assistance

  • Federal Pell Grant – offers available up to 150% of an award year allocation!  Students enrolled full-time during fall or spring  can receive an additional award during the summer term if enrolled in at least half-time or six credit hours.
  • Federal SEOG Grant – based on Federal SEOG received during fall and spring (requires at least half-time enrollment).
  • Eagle Special Circumstances – based on eligibility received during fall and spring (requires at least half-time enrollment).

Both Undergraduate and Graduate Assistance

  • Federal Work-Study – based on Federal Work-Study received during fall and spring (requires at least half-time enrollment).
  • Institutional Scholarships and Tuition Waivers (requires at least half-time enrollment).
  • Direct Loans – limited to remaining eligibility from the current award year not to exceed the Federal Annual Limit (requires at least half-time enrollment).
  • Alternative/Private Loans – initiated by the student using the lender of choice – Direct Loan eligibility must be exhausted first.

Check with the Financial Aid Office for availability of these resources.