Northeastern Illinois University and the Financial Aid Office prohibit the following actions on behalf of any of its employees when working with lenders for alternative/private loans. Any employee found conducting any of the following acts will be subject to disciplinary action:

  • Revenue-sharing arrangements in which the lender pays a fee or provides other material benefits to NEIU.
  • Receiving gifts from a lender, guarantor or loan servicer such as transportation, lodging, tickets or meals.
  • Consulting or other contracting arrangements between the institution's agent and any lender.
  • Directing borrowers to particular lenders or assigning first-time borrowers a lender.
  • Refusing to certify or delaying certification of any loan based on the borrower's selection of lender or guarantor.
  • Promises of a specified number of Stafford loans, loan volume or preferred lender arrangement for such loans.
  • Assistance with Financial Aid Office staffing from a lender, guarantor or loan servicer.
  • Serving on an advisory board, commission or group established by a lender, guarantor or group of lenders and guarantors.