The recently enacted federal CARES Act provides money to colleges and universities for emergency student grants. The purpose of the money is to award emergency financial aid grants to students for specific expenses that are a direct result of the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus.

Am I eligible for CARES funding?

Student Emergency Grants will be awarded to students who were enrolled at the census date for the Spring 2020 semester (Jan. 17, 2020). Students enrolled full-time in online courses are not eligible for CARES funding. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Education will not allow these grants to be allocated to international or undocumented students.

Do I need to apply for CARES funding?

No. NEIU students do not need to apply for CARES funding. Eligible students will receive CARES funds through an automated process that does not require an application.

Is the CARES funding different from the message about reducing mandatory fees by 31% in the Spring 2020 term?

Yes. The 31% reduction in spring mandatory fees addresses student services that became unavailable when the University shifted to remote modes of course delivery mid-semester. These services included Parking, Performing Arts, Student Union, and Campus Recreation fees. CARES funding will be distributed directly to students with no impact to tuition or mandatory fees.

What is the best way for me to receive the CARES funding?

The best way to receive this funding is via direct deposit. If you do not already have an electronic refund account created, please do so. Log in to NEIUport, navigate to the Student tab, then find the Payment/Refund link on the left side of the page and follow the prompts.

When will I receive the CARES funding?

At this time, NEIU staff are working remotely and completing all processes necessary to send students this important funding. Please expect to receive these funds at some time in the next few weeks, or by the end of May.

How much will I receive in CARES funding?

Eligible Northeastern students will receive $42 per credit hour based on the enrollment at the time of Spring 2020 census (Jan. 17, 2020). Pell recipients will receive an additional $15 per credit hour. For example, a student with 12 credit hours will receive $504 in grants. If that student is a Pell recipient, the financial aid grant will be $684.

Will the CARES funding be applied to my outstanding balance or possibly to my account balance for a previous term?

No. The CARES funding will be reflected as a credit to students’ accounts, then refunded directly to students. These funds will not be used to pay student account charges for the current term or any previous terms.

Will the CARES funding impact or change my current financial aid eligibility or reduce my loans that I have already received?

No. Although the CARES funding is in the form of a federal grant, it has no impact and is separate from any eligibility currently or scheduled to be received by way of the FAFSA.

Does it matter whether I am an undergraduate or graduate student?

No. Both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a degree seeking program at the point of the Spring 2020 census (Jan. 17, 2020) are eligible for CARES funding.

I have not yet been admitted to a degree program. Instead I am taking classes as a Student-at-Large. Do I qualify for CARES funding?

No. CARES funding is limited to degree-seeking enrolled students for Spring 2020.