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As Northeastern employees, you commit yourselves every day to making our University more than just a collection of buildings. You are part of a community in which colleagues, friends, neighbors and even family choose to work, learn and live.

Whatever the reason and whatever the designation, support from our faculty and staff delivers a powerful message to others: Northeastern is a place that deserves philanthropic investment, and we are proud of our university.

There are several ways that faculty and staff can donate to the University.

Payroll Deduction: With as little as $5 a paycheck, you can impact the life of a student forever.
One-Time Gift: You can designate an amount you would like to contribute to any of the colleges, funds, scholarships or projects on campus.
Recurring Gift: You can establish a recurring charge on your credit card and control when your donation comes to Northeastern.
Pledge: You can make a pledge over a period of time—months or years—and Northeastern will make sure your wishes are honored.

If you would like to enroll in the payroll deduction program or learn more about faculty and staff giving, contact Liesl Downey at (773) 442-4248.

We thank our faculty and staff for the time and energy they have devoted to making Northeastern Illinois University a more vital place, and for adding "Donor" to their titles. All of our faculty and staff donors are listed below and in our Giving Societies in the annual University Report.

Tony Adams Eduardo Mendoza
Rachel Adler Dave Merrill
Criage Althage Christie Miller
Jacqueline Anderson Hector Morales
Saba Ayman-Nolley Cynthia Moran
Rae Joyce Baguilat Gerardo Moreno
Hua Bai Francesca Morgan
Jennifer Banas Jessica Mueller
Timothy Barnett Alice Murata
Valerie Beaudrie Ngoc-Diep Nguyen
Katrina Bell-Jordan Job Ngwe
Colette Bernhard Laura Nichols
Sandra Beyda-Lorie Wamucii Njogu
Hossein Birjandi Jeanine Ntihirageza
Jennifer Blair Emmanuel Nyadroh
Emily Booms Diane O'Cherony
Barbara Botz Zvonko Olear
Georgia Bozeday Jacqueline Olivera
Juanita Browne Luis Ortiz
Lynn Bryan Fausto Ortiz
Marcia Buell Kristen Over
Dwan Buetow-Kimpel Henry Owen III
Howard Bultinck Davor Palos
Kyle Burke Cheryl Park
John Butler Heather Patay
Vicki Byard Alice Pennamon
Anna Cannova Teresa Pennekamp
Shirley Caruso Shayne Pepper
John Casey Jorge Perez
Amina Chaudhri Suleyma Perez
R. Shayne Cofer Michael Pierick
Chaelecia Cooper Kris Pierre
Mildred Crespo Brittany Pines
Sylvia Daniels Ryan Poll
Julieta Davila-Dreger Freddy Porps
Patrick Delaney Isaura Pulido
Diane DiMaso Darlene Queen
Mike Dizon Waleed Rehani
Lisa Domkowski Amy Rempas
Sean Dotson Nina Roberts
Liesl Downey Veronica Rodriguez
Timothy Duggan Lawrence Roth
Maureen Erber Cynthia Roth-Garfield
Dennis Erickson Edie Rubinowitz
Robyn Flakne Linda Rueckert
Bonnie Fritz Irma Ruiz
Laurie Fuller Kimberly Sanborn
Emily Garcia Gregory Sarchet
Maria Teresa Garreton Rebecca Sarwate
Francisco Gaytan Timothy Scherman
Pamela Geddes Aaron Schirmer
Sasha Gerritson Dennis Schlagheck
Katherine Gleiss Deborah Schmalholz
Christina Gomez Paul Schroeder
Gerald Green Brian Schultz
Mary Griesinger Barbara Sherry
Kelly Grossman Izabela Siewe
Jon Hageman Suresh Singh
Marcus Hamlin Florina Sirb
Janice Harring-Hendon Jennifer Slate
Robert Heitzinger Katherine Smith
Richard Helldobler David Sperling
Melissa Reardon-Henry Robert Starks
Carmen Hernandez Kendra Stern
Joseph Hibdon Terry Stirling
Jeffrey Hill Brett Stockdill
Michael Hines Emina Stojkovic
Nicole Holland Christopher Sulla
Sandra Hunt Christine Swanson
Tom Hutchings Marcelo Sztainberg
Heather Hynds-Truffer Damaris Tapia
Robert Jadin Santiago Tapia
John Kasmer Mary Thill
Jane Kenas-Heller Sharon Todd
Mateen Khumawala Cris Toffolo
Hoa Khuong Travis Truitt
Julie Kim Emma Arianna Turian
Jin Kim Luvia Valentin
Mary Kimble Robert Valle
Kenneth Konopka Paola Vargas
Christian Kopp JoAnne Vazzano
Mark LaCien Elizabeth Villarreal
Anderson Lam Cindy Voisine
Maria Lamadrid-Quevedo Lisa Wallis
Ellen Larrimore Russell Wartalski
Huong Le Laura West
Timothy Libretti Durene Wheeler
Flora Llacuna Sandra Williams
Daniel Lopez Shencheng Xu
Maria Luna-Duarte Judith Yturriago
Gretchen Lyons Pamela Zawila
Eleni Makris Cynthia Zucker
Blase Masini Jenny Zuluaga
Emily Maso  
Nancy Matthews  
Mark McKernin  
Jake Meding  
Erica Meiners  

Employee donor names are based on gifts made in FY17. If you would like your name to be removed from this list, please email Heather Hynds.

*indicates deceased


Contact Giving

T (773) 442-4200

Contact Giving

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