The Farzaneh Family from left to right: Vahid, Mohammad Reza (MJ), Mohammad, Jalal, Ali, and Hossein Farzaneh

The Farzaneh Family

From left to right: Vahid, Mohammad Reza (MJ), Mohammad, Jalal, Ali, and Hossein Farzaneh

The History of the Farzaneh Family Foundation

Brothers Mohammad and Jalal Farzaneh immigrated to the United States in 1978 to attend college. In 1981, they received their bachelor’s degrees from the University of Oklahoma and went on to graduate school majoring in architecture. While earning their master’s degrees, they began their professional careers as homebuilders. They grew their company, Home Creations, that became one of the largest homebuilders in the state of Oklahoma and ranked among the Giant 400 Builders in America 20 years later, holding that placement to this day.

The Farzanehs hired and trained the most talented team managing every aspect of their business, from designing master planned communities, land development, construction, marketing, sales and customer service internally. Mohammad’s sons MJ and Vahid, along with Jalal’s sons Ali and Hossein, joined the leadership team of their family business and now oversee the day-to-day operations of Home Creations.

Mohammad and Jalal learned the value of philanthropy from their parents and passed it on to their children. The Farzaneh family believes in giving back to the community, especially to higher education. Through the Farzaneh Family Foundation, they have endowed two academic centers at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University holding 10 endowed professorships, numerous scholarships, lecture series and other programs. The Farzaneh family in partnership with Northeastern Illinois University is pleased to have endowed the inaugural Cyrus of the Persia Scholarship to provide opportunities for promising students to receive a first class education at Northeastern without financial burden.

The Farzanehs volunteer their time to serve on the boards of many professional, nonprofit and civic organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum, Oklahoma City Community College, Boy Scouts of America, and some university colleges, to name a few.