While you are studying abroad there are some documents that you will be required to turn in. This allows you to make sure your financial aid is covering your expenses and also make sure that you are registered for the classes or if there are any changes to your course schedule. You also want to make sure you are filling out appropriate paperwork to obtain your transcripts when you are done with exchange program. 

Study Abroad Learning Agreement 

Make sure your study abroad school signs off on the Study Abroad Learning Agreement. This confirms that you have arrived to partner university and that you are taking the classes you selected. If there are changes to your schedule you must update the learning agreement. You must be enrolled fulltime for the semester. If you add or drop classes or fail to enroll that can jeopardize your student visa status and your financial aid.  

Contact Information 

Please keep us updated with any changes to your contact information. It is important that we can get a hold of you in case of an emergency. This includes, Phone number, Email and your residential address. 

Coming Back 

You must request your transcripts to be sent to NEIU.  Failure to not receive your grades can lead to receiving a ‘F’ grade on your transcript. Please speak with your study abroad school on how to request the transcripts. You must request this before you leave the country. 


  • Find out the emergency number(911-equivalent) in the country studying abroad. 

  • Map out nearby hospitals, police stations, consulate/embassy. 

  • Keep a scan and photocopy of passport, visa, admission letter, health insurance. 

  • Keep information on allergies to medications and special medical conditions on you.