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The Crew

The Crew is a student internship program that provides an exciting opportunity for NEIU students to explore, get involved, and learn from real-life health experiences. 

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Women In Science

Women in Science started as our annual conference celebrating the outstanding women who dedicate their lives to the sciences. But why celebrate only once a year? We don't! Read empowering stories from local women, sign up for conference updates, and give back by purchasing Women in Science accessories. Support Local Women

Skill Badge Program 

We are proud to offer events throughout the year where students, staff, faculty, and the Chicago community can earn skill badges. The virtual badges not only boost your skills, but badges can be displayed to others on your social media, resume and LinkedIn page! Start Earning Your Badges Today! 




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The Horizon

The Horizon covers health news and other health topics within the Chicago community. Tune in as we unpack health disparities and hear from leaders across our city in their fight for health equity. 


The Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative (ChicagoCHEC) is a National Cancer Institute partnership led by Northeastern Illinois University, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Learn More 

Math Modeling Workshops

NEIU students, faculty, alumni and other professionals are encouraged to participate in this workshop designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in interdisciplinary quantitative analysis relating to health. Learn More.


The Center of Health's Research & statistical Services

We offer comprehensive statistical consultation, teaching, and computational services to faculty, staff, and students across the NEIU community as well as trainees, coordinators and scholars from other institutions, agencies or companies. Request a Quote and Learn More


Virtual Study HaLLS with ADDA Achieves

A collaborative project between the Attention Deficit Disorder Association and Northeastern Illinois University. What started as small pilot program for ADHD NEIU students, now offers virtual study halls for all NEIU students. Learn More


Summer Data Camp Challenge 

The Summer Data Camp Challenge is a 15-session virtual data boot camp that takes place annually during the summer semester. The camp covers foundational material in Mathematical Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, and Biostatistics and uses programs such as R Studio and Excel. Learn More.