Students who are planning a thesis should consult with their thesis advisor well before the beginning of the semester in which they start thesis work. Students must register for each semester in which they are working on the thesis until they defend, for a total of at least six hours. 

Please be aware of the registration deadlines, as they differ from registration deadlines for other, non-individualized courses. No thesis registration forms will be processed after the deadline. 

Please be aware that for initial thesis hours registration, a brief proposal/prospectus is required to be submitted along with the Thesis Registration Form. Some programs have boilerplate language, a template used for each thesis' proposal/prospectus in the program. Some programs expect students to write the proposal/prospectus on their own (with advisor review and approval). Some programs expect the thesis advisor to write the proposal/prospectus. Students should check with their advisor about how their program expects the proposal/prospectus to be done for registration purposes. Note: this brief proposal/prospectus submitted for registration is not the full thesis proposal some programs require a student to develop in their first semester of thesis work. 

Process: The student fills out the Thesis Registration Form with their thesis advisor, and the advisor submits it with the brief proposal/prospectus to their department chair. From there, the form is processed, and once approved, the Registration Office in Room D 101 ( enrolls the student in Thesis Hours for the semester. 

If you have questions about this process, please contact your thesis advisor, your program advisor, or the College of Graduate Studies and Research at