In some graduate programs, the completion of a master’s thesis represents one of a number of possible culminating experiences in the discipline. Completion of the thesis requirement includes successfully fulfilling: (1) generally, at least six credit hours of thesis with a grade of P or HP; (2) a thesis defense; and (3) the approved submission of the finalized thesis to the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Students fulfilling the requirements of a thesis option must register for at least one graduate-level credit hour in all semesters in which they are actively working on their thesis, until the completion of the thesis requirements. The successful completion of six credits of thesis hours does not guarantee the satisfactory completion of the thesis requirement.

Thesis credit is graded each term a student is engaged in thesis work using grades of High Pass (HP), Pass (P), or No Pass (NP). Only HP and P grades are satisfactory and count for credit toward the degree. At most six credits of thesis hours may be counted toward fulfilling degree requirements that include a thesis option.

If a student receives a grade of NP for thesis hours, a program may require the student to switch to one of the other possible culminating experiences in the discipline. Students receiving grades of NP in their thesis hours for two consecutive semesters will not be allowed to continue with the thesis.

Substitution of up to six credits of P/HP (Pass/High Pass) thesis hours for non-thesis research credit hours is allowable, with the approval of the program, if the program offers such hours.

Grading Scale for Graduate Thesis work

  • High Pass: Outstanding academic progress on the thesis, an outstanding defense of the thesis, or an outstanding thesis.
  • Pass: Satisfactory academic progress on the thesis, a satisfactory defense of the thesis, or a satisfactory thesis.
  • No Pass: Student has not made satisfactory academic progress on their thesis or their thesis does not meet the academic standards of the program.