The graduate curriculum at Northeastern is governed by the Northeastern faculty and the Provost, through various elected committees of the Faculty Senate. The Graduate College Advisory Committee (GCAC), a committee which reports to the Faculty Council on Academic Affairs (FCAA), reviews graduate-level curriculum proposals after the college curriculum committees have approved them. Once GCAC approves a proposal, they pass it along to FCAA for final faculty approval before the final approval of the Provost. 

FCAA has developed guidelines and forms for the curriculum proposal process. The latest versions of these forms can be found on the FCAA website

Developing New Graduate Programs

To begin work developing a new program, departments should involve their college's Dean and the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research early on in the process. GCAC has developed a rubric they use to review new program proposals. Program proposal authors will find the rubric helpful with the successful development and implementation of a new graduate program. 

The GCAC membership for the 2017-2018 academic year: 

Constituency Member Term Ends Email
Arts & Sciences Lisa Hollis-Sawyer 8/31/2019
Arts & Sciences Nabil Kahouadji 8/31/2019
Business & Management Huong (Anne) Le 8/31/2019
Business & Management Suresh Singh 8/31/2018
Education Laura Tejada 8/31/2018
Education open 8/31/2019 NA
Resource Professionals Michelle Oh 8/31/2018
At-Large Jing Su 8/31/2019
At-Large Richard Hallett (Spring '18) 8/31/2018