In 2016, Provost Richard Helldobler created the position Special Assistant to the Provost for HSI Affairs. This position was a result of sustained advocacy efforts by Latinx faculty and staff at NEIU to center and harness NEIU’s HSI designation. In fall 2016, Dr. Garreton, faculty in the Goodwin College of Education, was the first appointed Special Assistant. In October 2018, Interim Provost Wamucii Njogu appointed Dr. Isaura Pulido the second Special Assistant. Dr. Pulido worked with the faculty and staff who initially advocated for the Special Assistant position and developed the Council on the Status of Latinxs (CSL) at NEIU. The CSL established bylaws and became a formally recognized body in fall 2018. Today, the Special Assistant works alongside the CLS to advocate on behalf of Latinx students, faculty and staff, establish and execute the Council’s priorities and goals, identify potential challenges and make recommendations to the Provost and President.


Council on the Status of Latinos at Northeastern Illinois University By-Laws.

Article I. Name

The name of this body shall be the Council on the Status of Latinos (CSL) at Northeastern Illinois University.

Article II - Mission

NEIU received its federal designation as Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) in 1997. It is the longest-standing four-year public HSI in the Midwest. The Council on the Status of Latinas/os (CSL) is committed to representing and advocating on behalf of Latinas/os to ensure the the academic, professional, social and cultural needs of Latinas/os are met. The CLS advises, monitors and initiates actions that support and promote the status of Latinas/os at NEIU, paying special attention to issues of climate, representation, policies, practices. The CLS provides recommendations to the University and works to address areas of concerns within the Latina/o University community. The CLS works in collaboration with units across the University and partners with local Latina/o organizations to foster relationships that recognize, honor and address the needs of Latinas/os, and more broadly, diverse members of the University community.

Article III. Objectives

  1. Coordinate with units across the University to ensure collaboration serving Latina/o students.

  2. Establish and maintain a repository of initiatives and grants awarded to NEIU that specifically target Latinas/os paying special attention to Title V grants.

  3. Contribute expertise to grant applications, emerging initiatives, policies and practices that affect Latina/os.

  4. Monitor progress on grants awarded to NEIU as they pertain to Latina/o performance, progress and equity.

  5. Advocate for the academic, professional, cultural and social well-being of Latinas/os.

  6. Ensure equitable Latina/o staff and faculty representation across the University proportional to the Latina/o student body population.

  7. Track recruitment, retention and graduation of Latina/o students.

Article IV. Membership

A. The types of membership area follows:

  1. Active members: There shall be at least eleven but no more than thirteen active members on the Council that consist of NEIU faculty, staff, students and administrators. Active members shall have all membership privileges, which include the right to vote and to hold or vacate office.

  2. Voting ex-officio members shall consist of one individual from each of the following units: Proyecto P’alante, Pedroso Center, ENLACE, El Centro, Undocumented Student Resources, Latino and Latin American Studies Program, and the Center for College Access and Success. These members are included within the total 11-13 members on the Council. These ex-officio members shall have all membership privileges, which include the right to vote and to hold or vacate office.

  3. Non-voting ex-officio members shall consist of the President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Student Affairs and the Associate Provost of Student Success and Retention. These members will not be eligible to vote or hold office.

  4. Associate members are not official voting members, but may be consulted in decision-making.

B. Membership Responsibilities

  1. Voting: Active Members and officers are entitled to one vote. In the event that a member in good standing is unable to attend a meeting, he/she/they may elect to submit a vote by proxy.

  2. Participation: Members and officers are expected to attend meetings consistently (at least 3⁄4 of all meetings in a calendar year); be active contributors during meetings.

  3. Members may recommit at the conclusion of their two-year term.

C. Membership Terms

  1. Members will serve two-year terms. To provide continuity of the committee, the term of the staff co-chair and half of the committee membership should expire in alternate years.

  2. Student members will serve a one-year term.

Article V. Establishment of subcommittees

The Council shall establish ad hoc subcommittees as needed.

Article VI. Actions taken by Council members in the name of the Council shall be reported to the Council for ratification.

Article VII. Recommendations of the Council shall be made to the Provost and the President.

Article VIII. The Council shall have direct access to the President. The Council shall meet with the President once per session (fall/spring/summer).

Article IX. Officers

The officers shall be two Co-Chairs and a Recording Secretary

  • The Special Assistant to the Provost on HSI Affairs shall be a standing Co-Chair.

  • The second Co-Chair shall be a staff member.

  • The staff Co-Chair and Recording Secretary shall be nominated and voted on by voting members.

  • Term limits: two years.

  •  Vacancy can be nominated and voted in by membership at any time the membership deems necessary.

Co-Chair Responsibilities

  • Convene meetings and create meeting agendas for the Council.

  • Establish sub-committees and task forces as needed.

  • Preside at all meetings of the Council

  • Be the spokespeople of the Council.

  • Submit an annual report to all the members.

Recording Secretary Responsibilities

  • Record all minutes of meetings of the Council.

  • Ensure that all minutes of meetings of the Council are taken and maintained.

  • Ensure that minutes are appropriately typed and distributed to those attending the meetings.

  • Ensure that ongoing correspondence from the Council are duly posted.

Article X. Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held twice per month. Additional meetings will be scheduled as necessary.

  • The Co-Chairs may cancel meetings and schedule special meetings when needed.

  • The Recording Secretary will formalize the minutes and send them to the Co-Chairs
    for review and archiving.

  • Minutes will be distributed electronically to Council members.

  • President will attend meetings a minimum of once per semester at which time
    recommendations will be provided on the priorities undertaken for the year

  • ⅔ of voting members are needed for quorum.

  • A report of the progress of Objectives shall be made by Co-Chairs at each regular meeting.

Article XI: Bylaw Revision and Amendment

The bylaws shall be reviewed at the end of the academic year. However, the bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by at two-thirds majority vote. Before any amendments to the by-laws are voted on, the proposed amendment shall be presented to the Co-Chairs of the council at least two weeks prior to a regular or special meeting. The Co-Chairs shall present the proposed amendment for committee vote, and will be subject to approval of the Provost.

Article XII:

The Council on the Status of Latinos shall abide by all applicable policies instituted by Northeastern Illinois University.