NEIU received its federal designation as Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) in 1997. It is the longest-standing four-year public HSI in the Midwest. The Council on the Status of Latinxs (CSL) is committed to representing and advocating on behalf of Latinxs to ensure the academic, professional, social and cultural needs of Latinas/os are met. The CSL advises, monitors and initiates actions that support and promote the status of Latinxs at NEIU, paying special attention to issues of climate, representation, policies and practices. The CSL provides recommendations to the University and works to address areas of concerns within the Latinx University community. The CSL works in collaboration with units across the University and partners with local Latinx organizations to foster relationships that recognize, honor and address the needs of Latinxs, and more broadly, diverse members of the University community.


In promoting the academic, professional, social and cultural needs of Latinxs faculty, staff and students at Northeastern Illinois University, the Council on the Status of Latinxs (CSL) is devoted to the following:

  1. Coordinate with units across the University to ensure collaboration serving Latinx students.

  2. Establish and maintain a repository of initiatives and grants awarded to NEIU that specifically target Latinxs, paying special attention to Title V grants.

  3. Contribute expertise to grant applications, emerging initiatives, policies and practices that affect Latinxs.

  4. Monitor progress on grants awarded to NEIU as they pertain to Latinx performance, progress and equity.

  5. Advocate for the academic, professional, cultural and social well-being of Latinxs.

  6. Ensure equitable Latinx staff and faculty representation across the University proportional to the Latinx student body population.

  7. Track recruitment, retention and graduation of Latinx students.