SJAI Intro: Opening the Conversation

Wilfredo Alvarez, Ph.D, Communication, Media and Theatre

This initial session offers participants concepts to start considering key meanings of social justice and how they can begin to apply those concepts to everyday interactions with self and others. This is a foundational session so it is important for everyone interested in completing the SJAI certification program to attend. 

The (Dis)Ability Project:

Doug Lawson, Student Disability Services,

The (Dis)Ability Project is designed to train and educate staff and faculty to make Northeastern universally accessible to students of all abilities.

Safe Zone Ally Training:

Maria Genao-Homs
Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs

The purpose of the Safe Zone training is to challenge homophobia, transphobia, cisgenderism, and heterosexism on the Northeastern Illinois University campus by encouraging welcoming and inclusive environments for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer or Questioning, Asexual, and Ally (LGBTQIA+) students, faculty, and staff.

This goal will be achieved by educating Safe Zone training participants about LGBTQIA+ issues, and providing resources and support for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff exploring issues of sexual identity, gender identity, and gender expression.    

Undocumented Student Ally Training:

Luvia Moreno
Division of Student Affairs

The Undocumented Students Project was created to provide faculty and staff with information and resources to better assist undocumented students and their families. Those who attend one of our Ally Training Workshops will leave with increased awareness of the issues and concerns of Northeastern's undocumented students and their families, gain knowledge of Northeastern policies and practices that affect undocumented students, and learn how to cultivate an open and supportive campus environment for undocumented students and their families.

Exploring Bias:

Doug Lawson, Student Disability Services, 
Stacey Goguen Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

NEIU is one of the more diverse campuses in the Midwest. We attract students and employees of all walks of life. However, are you aware of your own personal biases? Do you feel that you would like a safe environment to work through them with support and guidance? Perhaps you have some hidden biases that you might want to explore and address. This workshop is about how to serve and work with our diverse community in a way that makes everyone feel welcomed.

SJAI Closing: Social Justice Praxis

Wilfredo Alvarez, Ph.D, Communication, Media and Theatre

his final session engages specific concepts related to practicing social justice. This session draws from major frameworks that explain what it means to have a social justice orientation. This session is practice oriented (praxis) and takes into account participants' understanding of concepts discussed in previous SJAI sessions.