NEIU Student Immunization Policy

All students must provide documentation of immunization/vaccination history to Northeastern Illinois University Student Health Services. See details below for required immunizations.


  1. Print the Northeastern Illinois University Immunization Form

    1. Complete Part 1 (the top portion of the form). Sign Part 1 of the form.
    2. Ask your physician or nurse to complete Part II and Part III.
    3. Ask your physician or nurse to sign Part IV.
  2. A copy of school immunization records, physician records, clinic records, or military records may substitute for Parts II, III, and IV.
  3. Choose one of the following methods to submit your documents:
    1. Upload your documents to the NEIU Student Health Portal.
    2. Fax your documents to (773) 442-5808.
    3. Mail your documents to: 
      NEIU Student Health Services E 051
      5500 North St. Louis Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60625
    4. Hand deliver your documents to NEIU Student Health Services E 051, 5500 North St. Louis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625. The office is located in the E Building directly below the bookstore.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for all materials is within ten (10) days of the start date of the semester immediately following the student’s first semester of enrollment.

International Students

International Students must schedule an appointment at Student Health Services for review of their immunization records and Tuberculosis (TB) screening. Students should bring their “Yellow Card” international certificate of vaccination to the appointment.

An English translation of all immunization and TB records signed by a medical provider or health clinic must be presented to Student Health Services. Please keep a copy of your immunization records for your personal files. If written TB records are not available, international students may request TB screening to be done at Student Health Services.

NEIU Immunizations Requirements

The State of Illinois requires public university students to provide written records for the following:

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (DTP, DTaP, DT, Td, Tdap): Required to show proof of at least three doses, one of which must be Tdap.

    • Most recent booster must be within the past ten years.    

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR): Required to show proof of two doses of live measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine received on or after the first birthday. If vaccine was given prior to 1968, proof of live vaccine without gamma globulin must be provided.

    • Students who cannot provide proof of immunization may provide lab test results of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) immunity.

    • Students born before January 1, 1957, do not need to show proof of MMR immunity.

  • Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MenACWY, Menactra, or Menveo): Students under age 22 are required to show proof of one vaccine. Proof of second vaccination is required if first vaccination was given before age 16. (Please note: Menomune and Meningitis B do not meet this requirement.)    

Religious Exemption

A student may be exempted from the immunization requirements upon acceptance by Student Health Services of a written and signed statement by the student detailing the student’s objection to immunization on religious grounds. The objection must set forth the specific religious belief that conflicts with the immunization. The religious objection may be personal and need not be directed by the tenets of an established religious organization. General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow immunizations will not provide a sufficient basis for an exception to statutory requirements.

Please print, complete and submit the Religious Exemption Form to Student Health Services.

Student Health Services Price List 

All payments must be made in cash or by check to "Northeastern Illinois University" at time of service. No credit or debit cards are accepted.

  • Immunization review – no charge

  • Tdap vaccine – *Please see Student Health Services for current pricing

  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunity lab test – *Please see Student Health Services for current pricing

  • TB skin test – *Please see Student Health Services for current pricing

  • Quantiferon-Gold TB test – *Please see Student Health Services for current pricing

  • Chest X-ray referral – no charge for referral to community clinic

  • Combined package (Tdap vaccine, MMR immunity, Quantiferon-Gold TB test) – *Please see Student Health Services for current pricing