A lineup of the Fall 2023 health ambassadors team

Student Health Ambassadors

The Student Health Ambassador (SHA) program was developed by NEIU’s Office of Student Health Services to improve health equity and remove barriers to educational attainment at NEIU. SHAs are trained to assist their peers in accessing university and community resources, engage in outreach, education, social support and advocacy. The program is a collaboration with the Illinois Department of Public Health Community Ambassadors Program to address emerging public health issues by providing students with training, mentoring and practical experience. The program’s mission is to equip SHAs with entry-level community health skills and a vision of fostering an educational environment where every student can thrive academically and socially. The program upholds values of empowerment, equity, diversity and inclusion, social justice, integrity, and altruism.

To learn more about the program reach out to aperera@neiu.edu or call (773) 442 5851.