Positive Body Image & Self Love (available soon)

This workshop offers information and discussion on positive body image. Learn how to appreciate your body-your partner for life! (60 minutes)

“Cheers” Alcohol/Marijuana Harm Reduction (available soon)

This workshop provides tips on how to be smart & stay safe when you go out.  You will learn practical tools to help out a friend if they have too much to drink.  It also examines what drinking culture really looks like while dispelling common misconceptions about alcohol and marijuana. (60 minutes)

Dimensions of Wellness: Holistic Wellness 

This workshop explores the idea of “whole wellness” and the importance of addressing all aspects of health in order to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Create a personalized action plan, figure out your unique wellness needs, and learn about some common health misconceptions. (60 or 90 minutes)

Treat Yo’self: Self Care Workshop

This workshop explores what self care looks like for you as an individual. Create a self care plan, understand what you can do to create more balance, and learn some tips on how to relax in a positive and beneficial way. (60 minutes)

Love, Sex, & Jeopardy Workshop (available soon)

In a fun and interactive game of Jeopardy you will learn about birth control options, STIs, women's reproductive health, men’s reproductive health, first time myths, LGBTQI health. (60 minutes)

Healthy Eats Nutrition Workshop

This workshop focuses on how to optimize your diet for ultimate college success. This covers the basics of nutrition, how to increase your energy, caffeine and sugar warnings and the importance of eating breakfast. (60 minutes)

K(NO)W MORE! Bystander Intervention 

Have you ever witnessed or observed something that concerned you, or wanted to help someone in need? This program covers why people sometimes don’t intervene or help, and then empowers them with the skills and confidence to do so in the future. This approach can be applied to a wide variety of situations including alcohol & other drug use, relationship concerns, mental health challenges, and more. (60 Minutes)

Consent & Healthy Relationships 

This interactive workshop explores healthy vs unhealthy relationships, sexual boundaries and consent.  Scenarios will be presented for discussion and students are encouraged to ask questions (60 minutes)

Sleep Well 

This workshop is an opportunity for you to learn how to pause, try sleep techniques, recharge, and walk away with a personal sleep strategy. Our format is interactive with discussion, exercises, sleep tips, Q&As, practical techniques and take-aways. (60 minutes)

Workshop Request

All of our workshops require at least three weeks of advance notice and should have at least five attendees. You and your organization are responsible for providing any required presentation equipment and technology on site. If you cannot provide the equipment, please let us know.

Our workshops are approximately 60-90 minutes long and are good for classrooms, student employee meetings, and student organizations. 

When your request is received, we will contact you via phone or email to coordinate and confirm the details of your workshop. Your request is not confirmed until you are contacted by one of Health Services' staff members.

To request a workshop, please fill out the Workshop Request Form.