Policy to Promote Recruitment, Retention, Development, and Continuing Education of Graduate Students

General Statement of Policy

Statement of Purpose: The Department of Counselor Education will develop and maintain a variety of activities which are ongoing and designed to promote the recruitment, retention, development, and continuing education of admitted students.  

Such activities will include, but will not limited to, the following:

  • Faculty will be appointed to a department Recruitment and Marketing Committee. The role of this committee will be to identify both internal and external recruitment opportunities. External opportunities will include a variety of locations/agencies/universities in an effort to recruit individuals from diverse and underrepresented groups. The committee will work with the University to generate informational materials, including splash pages, social media, and face-to-face presentations in an effort to market and recruit students from these settings.  
  • The Recruitment and Marketing Committee will hold a minimum of two (2) on-campus information sessions for prospective students.
  • The Recruitment and Marketing Committee will work with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects to identify grant opportunities to provide student scholarships.
  • Students will be assigned a faculty advisor in their program. Advising will include developing a program of study to map out coursework to be taken during the students' enrollment in the department.
  • All students applying for Practicum & Internship will be subject to a staff review of grades and dispositions to determine student readiness for entering the clinical experience.
  • Bi-monthly faculty meetings will include discussion of any student issues. Students identified as requiring corrective action or other intervention to ensure retention will be referred to the Professional Standards Committee to generate a remediation plan.
  • The Department Chairperson will attend monthly Goodwin College of Education (GCOE) leadership meetings of the Dean and Chairs of other departments within GCOE to maintain communication regarding common issues, concerns and policy changes.
  • Faculty will serve as advisors to the Counselor Education Student Association (CESA) and Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society (CSI). The faculty advisor will assist in identifying professional speakers to assist in student development. Speakers will include other faculty members as well as outside professionals in the field to speak on a variety of topics.  
  • Retreats for the department faculty will be scheduled on an as-needed basis to review and develop long range plans for recruitment, retention, development and continuing education of graduate students. 
  • Students graduating from the program will be provided access to program information, job openings, and continuing education opportunities through the department alumni listserv.