Unit of Credit

Credits at Northeastern are measured in semester hours. One semester hour consists of the equivalent of one 50 minute lecture or discussion period, or two laboratory periods per week, for one term. For individual study programs, requirements for a credit unit are arranged on an individual basis (Catalog, p. 61).

A credit hour generally reflects one contact hour (50 minutes) per week, for a sixteen-week semester. A 3-credit hour class typically meets 3 days a week (MWF) for 50 minutes per session, two days per week (T/Th) for 75 minutes, or one day per week (evening) at 150 minutes per session for 16 weeks, including a final exam week.

Large and small ensembles are given 1 hours of credit while retaining 2 or 3 or more contact hours. These include:

Large Ensembles:  Band, University Chorus, Chamber Singers, Opera Workshop, String Ensemble, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, and Guitar meet for 3 or more contact hours and receive 1credits.

Small Ensembles:  Instrumental Ensemble: meet for 2 contact hours and receive 1 credit.

Applied Lessons meet for either ½ hour for .5 credits or 1 hour and receive 1 or 2 hours of credit, depending on the major.

Independent studies are variable, 1 to 3 credits, with variable contact hours by instructor and topic area.