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Merit Scholarships

A small number of scholarships in the form of tuition waivers are awarded each semester to students competitively, on merit. Applications are prioritized so that as many students as possible are funded. Criteria used include

  • Graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Previous merit scholarships not used and not forfeited before the deadline will disqualify the student from all subsequent awards
  • Must be admitted into a graduate degree program. Graduate students-at-large are not eligible, nor are GIS-certificate only students.
  • Tuition scholarships are only applicable to courses that will contribute to the awardee's progress toward their graduate degree.

Scholarships are sometimes available to prospective graduate students by the Graduate College. Criteria for those applications include the following:

  • One page essay on educational and career goals
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors and/or current employers
  • Current transcript showing a GPA of at least 3.5

The deadlines and application instructionsfor merit scholarships will be announed from term to term by the department Graduate Coordinator.

Waivers are available in one-quarter time (3 cr. hr.) increments. 

G&ES Assistantships

Graduate assistantships typically require 10-20 hours of work per week. Assistantships pay a stipend, waive 2-3 courses tuition fall and spring terms (not summer), and usually provide valuable educational experiences. Non-Illinois residents “spend” two waivers per course.

Teaching Assistantship

The Department typically hires one Graduate Teaching Assistant to assist in the World Geography General Education course (GES 104) and Introduction to Environmental Studies (GES150) for fall and spring terms. The position requires 10-15 hours per week.  Hiring is done as needed, with the opportunity coming about periodically. Applications are taken any time. Payment is $600/month and a tuition waiver (fall and spring only). Apply on line at the Graduate College website listed on the G&ES web page.

Technical Assistantship

One graduate student is hired to assist in maintaining the G&ES Advanced GIS Laboratory (BBH 246), the GIS & Computer Cartography Laboratory (BBH 252), and help students in computer-based courses. Sought-after qualifications include cartographic training, experience with hardware and software installation, programming skills, applications software, communication and instructional skills, and ability to work flexible hours.Payment is $600/month and a tuition waiver (fall and spring only). Apply on line at the Graduate College website listed on the G&ES web page.

Library Reference Assistantships

The Ronald Williams library hires graduate students for a variety of tasks. Apply online at the Graduate College website listed on the G&ES web page.

Research Assistantship

With faculty sponsorship it is often possible to get a paid research assistantship from the Graduate College. Contact your Program Advisor and the College for more information.

G&ES Student and Alumni Travel Award:

Although students generally pay the bulk of the expenses, the NEIU Foundation may provide up to $600 domestic ($1,000 international) to students attending professional and academic conferences. These grants are competitive, and generally require presentation of a paper or poster at the conference. The funds go toward hotel and travel. Contact the NEIU Foundation for more details.

The Department may also have a small amount of funds (up to $250) to help students and alumni travel to professional conferences to present their research. A maximum of two awards per individual are allowed. G&ES alumni must present their research in the year following their graduation from Northeastern Illinois University. Please contact the Department Office for more details.