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Library Resources

G&ES master's theses - library catalog search

Click on the above link to run a query of M.A. in G&ES theses currently available for review in the Library.

G&ES Student Handbooks 

The Department maintains a Student Handbook specifically for G&ES students. It provides information about resources and opportunities of special interest to G&ES students in G&ES, in other departments, and in the Chicago region. There is an Undergraduate Handbook and a Graduate Handbook. Pick one up at the main office in Room BBH 346A.

G&ES Syllabus Mapping Form

Use this syllabus mapping form to better understand the syllabi for your G&ES courses. 

Internship Databases

Students preparing to take on an internship may look through the Department's database of past internship reports. These include a daily log of activities, an executive summary of the experience, contact information for field supervisors and a reflective essay. Inquire with your advisor or in the Department office.

GIS Databases and Software

A great deal of information is available online. Here are some premier sites:

GIS Bootcamp

This GIS bootcamp complements the GIS certificate programs offered at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). These courses can be technical upskilling for students and alumni who have enrolled in other NEIU GIS programs of study, but they also may be for the novice that wants to start with new courses to quickly add to their portfolio. When you take these courses, you can learn how to create a data workflow, analyze geographic data, create a map dashboard, or set up a GIS data repository in the cloud. 

Interesting Links

G&ES students make good use of technology in classes and in the field. With so many GIS classes, Interactive Cartography and Cartography, there is always something new. Here is a sample of sites we find particularly interesting.

  • A globe showing thousands of radio stations around the world. Choose any, listen in real time at radio.garden.
  • Here's current wind in the United States and air pollution in real time.
  • Generate isochrones (travel time contour maps) with interactive tool Mapzen.
  • Mapnificent is a quick isochrone generator for selected city areas (including Chicago).
  • The Department of Transportation recently published this noise map.
  • Race dot map: one dot equals one person.
  • The Global Conflict Tracker is the Center for Preventative Action's world map. 

American Psychological Association (APA) Style

This is the required style for professional writing at the graduate level in the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies. Undergraduate students would do well to study this style as well, but it is less likely to be required in their written papers.


We all take academic integrity very seriously though we understand that many students beginning college are not aware of the rules and expectations. The expectations and requirements regarding plagiarism and academic integrity increase toward junior and senior year and especially in graduate school. For more information please consult your advisor, the University Student Handbook, your syllabi, and the Student Code of Conduct. You'll find that the expectations are reasonable but not always as simple as some people believe. This graphic illustrates plagiarism might happen even accidentally, and how some mistakes are more serious than others.

Graphic showing levels of plagiarism