Express your pride in our students and faculty by showing your support  ... 

  • of the success of our students
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Express your pride in our students and faculty this Proud to Be NEIU Day by showing your support as we launch our $150,000 campaign to support our students on the CUSP of success.


The CAS Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP) supports student research opportunities we know prepare our students for success after graduation.

Student with microscope conducting research
Here’s just one example: 

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Join the College of Arts and Sciences' (CAS) Mission of Supporting Students on the CUSP (College Undergraduate Scholars Program) of Success

$150,000 campaign to support student success



Empowering Students and Transforming Lives

Each year the CAS funds dozens of student-faculty research projects and sends our students to national conferences to present their research, experiencing achievements that in many cases they never thought possible. Not only do these opportunities build confidence and capacity in our students, they help them realize they can positively impact the world through the learning and research they are doing with CAS faculty— and they routinely win awards at these conferences, receiving recognition for their work and standing out from students from all over the nation!

The CAS wants not just to sustain but expand these opportunities which are so central to the development of our students on the CUSP of success. A defining opportunity our undergraduate students enjoy in the CAS at Northeastern, distinguishing us from many other universities, is the ability to work with our world-class faculty on high-level research projects with real-world impact.

We know these research opportunities are high-impact experiences that transform our students from consumers of knowledge into producers of knowledge, preparing them for post-graduate pursuits that position them to take part in developing solutions to the challenges we face as a world, uniting their personal success with vital social purpose.

Engaging in research with our faculty enables our students to attend top graduate schools and pursue meaningful careers.

Our students dream big, so we’re dreaming big too. We are working to raise funds at a level not attempted or realized in the past. You are invited to join us in the mission of realizing these dreams! We plan to raise $150,000 between now and Dec. 31, 2024, to help create a sustainable funding stream to support student research projects, student conference travel, and more!

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