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How career SERVICES can assist:

  • Research programs consistent with your career goals.
  • Clarify your reasons for considering graduate study.
  • Improve and revise your application essays.
  • Prepare for a successful graduate school interview

Our career advisors are here to provide you with information on how to prepare for graduate or professional school through workshops, resources and guides.

getting started with the application:

Good Reasons to Apply:

  • Your career goals require an advanced degree.
  • You want to advance in your current field.
  • You want to switch careers.
  • You want to master a field of specialized knowledge and satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

Bad Reasons to Apply:

  • You don't know what else to do.
  • You want to please someone else.
  • You want to avoid a tight job market.
  • You want to avoid paying off student loans that come due when you leave school.

For more reasons to apply or not apply, see Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools

Prepare for Graduate School by checking out the following handouts and resources:

Helpful Resources

View The College of Graduate Studies programs and course offerings.

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