Constructing your future career is an important step. Being successful as an NEIU student means utilizing career counseling services that are available to you. Career counseling can formalize your self-understanding and help you to construct a career story. What will you bring to your career? What are your strengths and talents? How do you define your interests and the work values that are important to you? How does your personality affect career decision-making? What perspectives from your cultural influences will you contribute to a work setting?

With a Career Advisor, you will:

  • Explore and assess - Identify your preferences and competencies.

  • Generate options for careers to investigate - Identify and research possible careers.

  • Evaluate and narrow options - Narrow your search and focus your goals.

  • Choose and commit - Decide to act on the information you've gathered.

  • Prepare and plan - Choose a major. Secure an internship.

Career Planning Guide