What is a J-1 visa? 

The Exchange Visitor (J), non-immigrant visa category is for exchange students, visiting scholars, and student interns who participate in work-and study-based exchange visitor programs.   

Exchange J-1 students are students coming to Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) from one of NEIU’s partner universities. Exchange students typically come for only one or two semesters, not to complete a full degree at NEIU.  

In order to be admitted to Northeastern Illinois University as an exchange student, you must first be nominated by your home institution. Once we receive your information from your home institution, we will email you an application packet and the DS-2019 form, to start your application process. 

Since we have partnership with your university, as an exchange student you do not have to pay an application fee, and most exchanges students do not have to pay any tuition fees to NEIU.  

However, if your home institution has exceeded the limit of nominating students, some exchange students do not get a tuition waiver. In that case the student will have to pay 75% of the tuition.  

(E.g. If your home institution has the capacity for nominating only two students per year for the exchange program, then from the third student onwards all the students will have to pay 75% of the tuition fees.) 

Please note: SAELL students are not eligible for the tuition waiver. They must pay the semester fee. Learn more about the SAELL program.