How do I become an El Centro student?
Refer to El Centro's admission requirements.

How do I register for El Centro courses?
Northeastern students planning on taking classes at El Centro may register during the Advance, Open, and Late Registration periods without a permit override, unless otherwise indicated by the prerequisites of the course.

Do you offer GED courses and/or English as a Second Language courses?
El Centro offers only university-level courses. Unfortunately, we do not offer ESL non-credit workshops anymore. 

Do you have academic and financial aid advisors?
El Centro provides academic and financial aid services to students admitted through El Centro.

Where is El Centro located?
3390 North Avondale Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60618.

Is there any parking at your current location?
Please refer to the Location & Parking page for additional parking information or contact us at (773) 442-4080.

Are the El Centro courses bilingual (English/Spanish)?
No; all courses are taught in English, unless it is a specific language course.

What are the tuition and fees at El Centro?
Students at El Centro pay the same tuition rates and fees as the students at the Main Campus.

Do you have to be Latino to take classes at El Centro?
No, any Northeastern student is welcome to take courses at El Centro.

What is the difference between El Centro and the Main Campus?
El Centro is an educational facility catering to students interested in taking courses primarily in the evenings and weekends. In addition to the general education program, students can work on obtaining their degree in any of these majors through a flexible schedule: Computer Science, Justice Studies, Social Work and Special Education.

Do you have child care facilities?
El Centro does not offer child care services. However, the Main Campus has a Child Care Center available for NEIU students and community members. 

Do you have a computer lab?
El Centro has a state-of-the-art computer laboratory with ample space to accommodate many students.

Do you have a food service available at El Centro?
No, we do not have food services but vending machines are available and various restaurants are within walking distance.