The professional education sequence in K-12 leads to a Professional Educator License (PEL) entitlement in one of the following K-12 licensure programs:

K-12 Licensure           

Degree Programs

Visual Art

Art Education B.A.


Music, B.M.


Spanish B.A

Please note that the K-12 education sequence alone does not constitute a major at Northeastern Illinois University.

Students seeking K-12 teacher licensure declare a major in an academic subject area. The K-12 education program qualifies as “an area of study in addition to the major” and fulfills graduation requirements. Each certification program involves three types of requirements:

  • Requirements of an academic major
  • General Education requirements (see College of Education advisor for details)
  • Professional K-12 education requirements.

Upon completion of these requirements, students are expected to demonstrate:

  • A depth of knowledge in their chosen academic discipline;
  • Knowledge of the principles of human growth and development and of learning;
  • Knowledge of students with varying racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds;
  • Knowledge of the wide range of abilities and special needs of students; and
  • The ability to apply their knowledge and skills as they develop effective learning experiences for students during the methods, and the clinical components of the professional education sequence.

Admission to the Program 

To declare the “area of study in addition to the major” you must contact the advisor to discuss your interests, needs and program requirements

For general Northeastern admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the application process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer students and veteran students who are transitioning to our campus.

Learn about College of Education application requirements.

Degree Requirements

All Northeastern students must meet the University’s graduation requirements in order to successfully complete their degree, including completion of 120 hours of coursework with satisfactory grades.

In addition to the successful completion of the academic major, students must complete the General Education requirements for the Goodwin College of Education. Transfer students and second bachelor’s degree candidates should consult their advisors concerning General Education requirements.

Course Sequence and Licensing Requirements 

The Illinois State Board of Education requires all students enrolled in teacher certification programs to complete 100 hours of clinical experience in a recognized elementary or secondary school prior to student teaching. The professional education requirements are in addition to the content area major and are as follows:

Block 1

  • EDFN 305 3 Credit Hours: Philosophical and Historical Foundations of Public Education
  • EDFN 306 3 Credit Hours: Education and Individual. This course includes 20 self-placed clinical hours.

Block 1 Prerequisites

  • Take Education Foundations (EDFN) courses prior to admission to Goodwin College of Education
  • Apply to the Goodwin College of Education
  • Declare academic major and education program

Block 2

  • EDFN 307 3 Credit Hours: Psychology of Instruction and Learning. This course includes 20 self-placed clinical hours.
  • SCED 311 3 Credit Hours: Writing Intensive Program: School Curriculum
  • LTCY 301 3 Credit Hours: Teaching Literacy in Junior and Senior High Schools

Block 2 Prerequisites

  • Must be admitted into the Goodwin College of Education
  • Complete Block 1
  • SCED 311 requires 21+ credit hours completed in content area
  • 2.75 GPA in content major
  • LTCY 301 not required for Music majors

Block 3

Art Education only:

  • SCED 303A 3 Credit Hours: Methods of Teaching Art
  • SCED 304A 1 Credit Hour: Clinical Experience Art and Seminar

Music Education:

  • SCED 303I 3 Credit Hours: Methods of Teaching Instruments
  • SCED 303V 3 Credit Hours: Methods of Teaching Voice
  • MUS 393L 2 Credit Hours: Clinical Field Experience and Seminar 

Spanish Education:

  • SCED 303F 3 Credit Hours: Methods of Teaching Spanish 
  • SCED 304J 1 Credit Hour: Clinical Experience and Seminar 

Clinical Experiences require 100 clock hours of field experience with a cooperating teacher in the appropriate subject at a local school

Block 3 Prerequisites

  • Admitted into the Goodwin College of Education
  • Complete Blocks 1-2 with the exception of LTCY 301.
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) for Spanish majors only.
  • Piano Proficiency Exam for Music majors only.
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better.
  • 2.75 GPA in content major and education coursework.

Block 4

  • SCED 305A, J, or N 9 Credit Hours: Student Teaching and Seminar (Art, Spanish, or Music)

Block 4 Prerequisites

  • Admitted into the Goodwin College of Education
  • Complete Blocks 1-3 with B grades or better
  • Passing score on ILTS Content Area Exam
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better
  • 2.75 GPA in content major and education coursework

Required for program completion and state entitlement

  • Completion of a minimum of 120 semester credit hours.
  • Completion of 40+ hours at the 300 level
  • Completion of required courses for state license.
  • Completion of Northeastern Illinois University’s General Education requirements.
  • Completion of academic major with no grade lower than C.
  • Completion of all requirements in Blocks 1-4.
  • Completion of SCED-305 Student teaching with a B or better.
  • Passing score on edTPA
  • Overall grade point of 2.75 or better in professional education sequence courses.

The College of Education ILTS Institutional Pass Rate is 98 percent.

Notes: No professional education course may be taken more than twice to achieve an acceptable grade.

Music majors must complete 6 credit hours of SCED-303 (SCED-303I and SCED-303V).

All students must consult with both the Academic Major advisor and the Secondary Education advisor while progressing through the professional sequence coursework in pursuit of teacher licensure.

Related Minors

Your advisor can help you find a minor that will complement your academic major and professional education sequence. This will help you fulfill some of those electives you'll need to graduate. A few minors to consider are:

  • Educational Studies
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Urban Community Studies
  • Any content area where you may seek an additional endorsement e.g. history, English, mathematics, biology (18 hours required)