We have several advisors to assist you with transcripts, audits, transfer credits, course selection, career options, or any questions and concerns you may have.

Once you declare your major, you will be assigned to one of the following faculty members or department staff as your primary contact:

Master of Arts in Teaching: Secondary Education

Katy Smith, Ph.D.; k-smith1@neiu.edu

Tim Duggan, Ph.D.; (t-duggan@neiu.edu

Ru Dawley-Carr, Ph.D.; (j-dawleycarr@neiu.edu)

Anastasia Brelias, Ph.D.; (a-brelias@neiu.edu)

Huseyin Colak, Ph.D.; (h-colak@neiu.edu)

Master of Arts in Community and Teacher Leaders

Hua Bai, Ph.D.; h-bai@neiu.edu

Erica Meiners, Ph.D.; e-meiners@neiu.edu

Eleni Makris, Ph.D.; e-makris@neiu.edu

Nicole Holland, Ph.D.; n-holland@neiu.edu

Isaura Pulido, Ph.D.; i-pulido1@neiu.edu

Secondary Education (pre-major); K-12 Education Programs(Art, Music and Spanish)

Vanessa J. King; v-king@neiu.edu

Undergraduate and Graduate Inner City Studies Education

Sunni Ali, Ed.D.; a-sunni@neiu.edu

Kimya Barden, Ph.D.; k-barden@neiu.edu

Zada Johnson, Ph.D.; z-johnson@neiu.edu

Lance Williams, Ph.D.; l-williamsb@neiu.edu

Transfer Course Credit in Educational Foundations

Hua Bai, Ph.D.; h-bai@neiu.edu

Erica Meiners, Ph.D.; e-meiners@neiu.edu