Michael in front of the class.

Michael Yamashiro, M.A.T. 2024

"The community and support that the College of Education provides is unmatched. Materials, resources, and knowledge is shared between professor and student and between peers. The creation of a cohort develops community and solidarity. There is a sense of shared experiences with a group of people that you grow close with after having the same classes with each other over the required coursework. The professors are top tier and go above and beyond due to their dedication to students and education. Professors like Dr. Ru and Dr. Maglaris who made a lasting impression on what it means to be an educator. This program invigorated my passion for education and reinforced my decision to pursue a career in education."


Andjela headshot

Andjela Vukosavljevic, M.A.T. 2024

“The program is structured in cohorts, which creates a strong sense of community. NEIU does an excellent job of allowing students the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences across disciplines while also ensuring that students are well-prepared to teach in their specific content area. In addition, the faculty and staff are involved and extremely dedicated to student success.” 


Zeba at commencement.

Zeba Mohammad Arif, M.A.T. 2023

“In addition to developing my work ethic and problem-solving skills, I also gained leadership and time management, as well as the knowledge and flexibility to use a range of instructional strategies. NEIU prepares students to become a successful teachers in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. NEIU offered me a high-quality teaching strategy and methods. I feel confident in my role as a social science teacher at high school.” 


Maryum at commencement.

Maryum Hernandez, M.A.T. 2023

"My time spent as an undergraduate and graduate student at Northeastern Illinois University will always be cherished memories. I acquired an abundance of knowledge on strategies to implement in my classroom, including creating and maintaining classroom management from the NEIU MAT program."