The Administrative Memorandum Series (AMS) was created in 1995 by President Gordon H. Lamb. These documents are official University policy unless they have been updated to reflect current federal and state regulations and University procedures and guidelines.

The following table provides links to documents in the AMS, and where they have been revised, the University policy name. Where no University policy update is provided, the AMS document remains in effect and reflects current Northeastern policy. Please use the menu on the left to find the University policies listed in the right hand column.

No. Administrative Memorandum University Policy
1 Establishment of NEIU Administrative Memorandum Series G1.1 Formulation and Issuance of University Policy; Effective 12/01/11, Last Revision 06/01/2019
2 Insurance Filing Claims Under Self-Insurance Program G1.3 Reporting and Filing Insurance Claims; Effective 05/01/2014
3 Sick Leave, All Employees  
4 Leave of Absence Without Pay Related to Personal or Family Illness or Injury, for University Employees  
5 Verification of Employment Status E1.99.1 Employment Verification and References; inactivated 10/14/2020. Replaced by online verification system.
6 Educational Leave for Administrators (Department Chairs, Level I-V Administrators and Academic Support Professionals)  
7 Emeritus Faculty A2.02.1 Faculty Emeritus/Emerita; Effective 03/08/12, Last Revision 08/27/13
8 Employment, Consulting, Outside Research, and Professional Activities  
9 Teaching by Employees Other than Faculty A2.03.1 Teaching by Non-Faculty Employees; Effective 04/13/12, Last Revision 08/27/13
10 Use of Grant Funds for Faculty and Other Employee Compensation  
11 Salary for Administrators, Temporary Assignment E1.03.1 Additional Pay for Temporary Assignments; Effective 01/02/2015
12 Promotion and Tenure for Department Chairs A2.02.2 Promotion and Tenure of Department Chairs; Effective 03/08/12, Last Revision 08/27/13
13 Removal of Departmental Chairpersons A2.02.3 Removal of Chairpersons; Effective Date 10/02/2015
14 Salary Levels for Administrative and Professional (A&P) Employees Inactivated 5/18/2023. The Board of Trustees does not set annual salary guidelines. This document maintained an obsolete governance function that had no practical application.
15 Policy on Use of University-Wide Voice Mail Messages I1.4.2 Targeted Announcements; Effective 06/23/2016
16 Drug Free Workplace Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Information
17 Transportation for Medical Care E2.11 Transportation for Medical Care: Effective 04/15/2015
18 Overtime Compensatory Pay and Accumulation in Connection with Special Projects E1.03.1 Additional Pay for Temporary Assignments; Effective 01/02/2015, Last revision 06/11/2018
19 Compensatory Time for Non-exempt Civil Service Employees E1.03.1 Additional Pay for Temporary Assignments; Effective 01/02/2015, Last revision 06/11/2018
20 Emergency Situations Affecting Work Schedules  
21 Application for University Employment Inactivated 5/18/2023. Obsolete.
22 Prior Criminal Record of Employment Applicants E1.99.3 Background Checks; Effective 09/24/14, Last Revision 02/11/2020
23 New Employee Orientation Inactivated
24 Temporary Assignment of Duties E1.03.1 Additional Pay for Temporary Assignments; Effective 01/02/2015
25 Administrative Adjustment within the Same Classification Inactivated 5/18/2023. Replaced by E1.03.1 Additional Pay for Temporary Assignments.
26 Non-Negotiated Civil Service Grievance Procedure  
27 Political Contribution Solicitation Inactivated 12/12/2018. Superseded by State Officials and Employees Ethics Act
28 Civil Service and Administrative/ Professional Personnel: Release Time to Serve on University Committees E1.99.1 Serving on University Committees, and Attending Employment-Related or University Events; Effective 10/15/2013, Last Revision 03/19/14
29 Observance of Religious Holidays by Students and University Employees G1.12 Reasonable Accommodation of Religious Observances for Students and Employees; Effective 02/06/2015
30 Separation of Employees Inactivated
31 Student Records Retention Policy  
32 Release of Student Information  
33 University Scholarship Program Obsolete. Inactivated 01/04/2024
34 Work Study Program Inactivated 03/01/2019. Superseded by Federal Student Aid regulations
35 Campus Disturbances  
36 Classroom Disruption Student Handbook
37 Student Conduct Code Policy University Student Code of Conduct
38 Release of Alumni Information A1.1 Request for Alumni Information; Effective 02/24/12, Last Revision 08/26/13
39 Services for Students with Disabilities S1.3 Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities; Effective 03/04/2015
40 Educational Contracts  
41 Entertainment Reimbursement F1.03.2 Non-Travel Related Business Expenses and Reimbursement; Effective 07/15/2015, last revision 09/04/2019
42 Reimbursement of Moving Expenses F1.99.2 Reimbursement of Moving Expenses; Effective 10/01/2013, last revision 01/10/2019
43 Charitable Solicitation on Campus A1.2 Charitable Solicitation by Internal Organizations and Employees; Effective 11/03/12, Last Revision 08/26/13
44 Printing Services and Mail Services for Nonofficial University Business G2.02.1 Printed Material Orders; inactivated 05/24/2017, and G2.02.3 Mail Services; Effective 04/02/08, Last Revision 03/20/2018
45 Space Allocation and Management Policy E4.1 General Facility Use; Effective 03/02/2015, last revision 08/01/2019, and F2.1 Remodeling Requests; Effective 10/01/2013
46 Admission to Campus Facilities when University is Closed (i.e. after-hours, during breaks, holidays and weekends) E2.15 University Facilities Access and Hours; Effective 08/15/2018
47 Key Control System E2.4 Key and Access Control and Security Awareness; Effective 05/01/14
48 Liability Coverage for Use of University Facilities by Non-University Organizations G1.2 Insurance for Use of University Facilities by Non-University Organizations; Effective 10/14/13
49 Satellite Downlink Inactivated
50 Naming or Designating Northeastern Property G1.6 Naming of University Facilities and Programs; Effective 12/12/11
51 Drug and Alcohol Abuse  
52 Selling and Serving Alcoholic Beverages E4.5 Service of Alcoholic Beverages; Effective 1/1/2017
53 Arrest by Outside Police Agencies on Campus E2.12 Arrest by Outside Law Enforcement on Campus; Effective 07/15/2015
54 Bomb Threats Follow-up Procedures and Search Instructions E2.1 Emergency Notification; Effective 10/25/11, last revision 04/01/2017 
55 Case Referrals to Outside Authorities  
56 Demonstrations on Campus  
57 Workplace Safety Procedures Involving Hazardous Chemicals E2.2 Hazard Communication Program; Effective 10/16/13, last revision 10/20/2020
58 Microcomputer Use I1.01.1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources; Effective 1/2/07, Last Revision 10/13/15
59 Tobacco-Free Policy E2.3 Smoke-Free University Policy; Effective 07/01/2015
60 Special Parking Permit for Persons with Disabilities Inactivated
61 Involuntary Administrative Withdrawal of Students S1.1 Involuntary Student Withdrawl; Effective 06/28/12
62 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action G1.7 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination and G1.10 Affirmative Action; Effective 07/08/14
63 Discrimination Grievance Procedures G1.7 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination; Effective 07/08/14
64 Policy on Sexual Harassment G1.8 Sexual Harassment (also replaces E2.10 Sexual Harassment); Effective 07/08/14, last revision 08/01/2020
65 Policy and Procedures Regarding Sexual Assault G1.8 Sexual Harassment; Effective 07/08/14, last revision 08/01/2020
66 Policy on Allegations of Academic Research Misconduct (formerly Scientific Misconduct) A2.05.1 Research Misconduct, Effective 03/07/16
67 Union Solicitation Guidelines  
68 Bloodborne Pathogen Policy & Exposure Control Plan E2.5 Exposure Control Program; Effective 05/01/14
69 Policy on Handling Payroll Overpayments  
70 Criminal Background Investigation E1.99.3 Background Checks; Effective 09/24/14, last revision 02/11/2020
71 Security Awareness Guidelines E2.4 Key and Access Control and Security Awareness; Effective 05/01/14
72 AT&T Credit Cards Inactivated
73 Authorization Codes I1.03.2 Telecommunications; Effective 05/01/14, last revision 3/24/2021
74 Non-negotiated Civil Service Employee Discipline Appeal Procedure E1.05.1 Non-Negotiated Employee Discipline Appeal; Effective 07/12/12, Last Revision 02/10/2020
75 Significant Financial Disclosure Policy for Sponsored Research Investigators  
76 Family Medical Leave Act  
77 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid  
78 Web Publishing Policy Inactivated: The information from this policy is included in the guidelines in the new NEIU brand web site.
79 Policy Statement on use of Human Subjects and Research  
80 Institutional Fundraising A1.2 Charitable Solicitation by Internal Organizations and Employees; Effective 11/30/12, Last Revision 08/26/13
University Student Code of Conduct