Code Title Effective Date Last Revision
E2.1 Emergency Notification 10/25/2011 04/01/2017
E2.2 Hazard Communication Program 10/01/2013 10/20/2020
E2.3 Smoke-Free University Policy 07/01/2015 07/25/2017
E2.4 Key and Access Control and Security Awareness 05/01/2014  
E2.5 Exposure Control Program 05/01/2014  
E2.6 Bicycle and Non-Motorized Vehicle Safety 05/01/2014  
E2.7 Hot Work Permit 04/30/2015  
E2.8 Laboratory Standards and Chemical Hygiene 04/30/2015  
E2.9 Management of Infectious Diseases
(replaced by S1.4 Student Immunization and Screening)
07/09/2012 10/11/2019 (inactivated)
E2.10 Confined Space Entry Program 04/30/2015  
E2.11 Transportation for Medical Care 04/15/2015 08/10/2015
E2.12 Arrest by Outside Law Enforcement on Campus 07/15/2015 07/25/2017
E2.13 No Trespass Restrictions and Warnings 07/15/2015 07/25/2017
E2.14 Control of Hazardous Energy 03/01/2018  
E2.15 University Facilities Hours and Access 08/15/2018