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Northeastern Illinois University Policy Library

Northeastern Illinois University's Policy Library was created to allow the University community easy access to University policies, procedures, guidelines and forms. Policies contained in this library are developed and approved through the process established by G1.1 Formulation and Issuance of University Policies. Please be aware this site does not contain all University policy information. Individual departments throughout the University may also have internal policies specific to their office. Use the navigation menu on the left of this page to access University policies.

Policy History

In 1995, President Gordon H. Lamb established the Administrative Memorandum Series (AMS) as a means of documenting University policy, procedures and guidelines. In 2011, Northeastern adopted the Formulation and Issuance of University Policy that established a template to standardize University policy. Since then, each document in the AMS has been or will be reviewed and revised for consistency and cohesion to ensure that it is current and accurate. Please visit the Administrative Memorandum Series web page through the menu on the left to access those AMS documents which still serve as official University policy.

Policies for Review

As part of the policy development process, the University will post final draft policies to this web page for comments from the University community. Please send an email with any questions or comments regarding University policy to

There are no policies presented for public comment at this time.

Most Recent New Policies Posted

November 1, 2023 - 
A new policy has been posted to the policy library. E1.99.5 Workplace Conduct replaces the former Interim Policy Workplace Violence. E1.99.5 Workplace Conduct may be found within its respective category in the menu on the left.

June 21, 2023 - 
An interim policy has been enacted effective June 21, 2023 and is posted in the policy library. I1.99.1 Data Governance may be found within its respective category in the menu on the left.

Most Recently Revised Policies Posted

August 23, 2023 - 
F1.03.2 Non-Travel Business Meal and Refreshment Expenses Reimbursement (formerly Non-Travel Related Business Expenses and Reimbursement) has completed its 30-day period of public comment and is now posted in the policy library to the right in its respective category.

June 26, 2023 - 
F1.09.1 Property Control has completed its 30-day period of public comment is now posted in the policy library. F1.08.1 Travel Regulations has been updated to reflect the most recent lodging and reimbursement rates. F1.08.2 Group Travel Involving Students is updated to reflect the operational procedures away from paper-based forms to Workday.

June 20, 2023 - 
I1.02.8 Payment Card Industry Standards and I1.02.9 System and Organization Controls Reporting have completed their 30-day period of public comment and are now posted to the library in their respective category in the menu on the left.

May 18, 2023 - 
The following Administrative Memoranda are inactivated: AMS No. 14 Salary Levels for Administrative and Professional (A&P) Employees; AMS No. 21 Application for University Employment; and AMS No. 25 Administrative Adjustment within the Same Classification. These original University policy documents dating to the mid-1990s have been inactivated as obsolete or part of the ongoing conversion initiative of former Administrative Memoranda to current University policies.

April 17, 2023 -
E1.03.1 Additional Pay for Temporary Assignments has been revised. The document revision includes moving rules from the procedures section to the regulations section, and updating the operational procedures away from paper-based forms to Workday. All previous appendices have been removed.

February 6, 2023 - 
I1.02.2 Information Security Incident Management; I1.02.4 Identity Protection; and I1.02.6 Information Security Awareness Training all completed their 30-days of public comment and have replaced the interim versions in the policy library.

January 24, 2023 -
I1.01.00 Multi-factor Authentication Interim Policy has been removed from the policy library. Multi-factor authentication is now fully integrated into University operations; the policy is redundant.

Policy Categories

To facilitate tracking and maintenance, each University policy is coded upon final approval to fall into the following categories that correspond with the menu on the left. Please use the menu on the left to access University policies. If you are unable to find the policy you are looking for, please send an email to

A1 Advancement

Policies related to alumni relations, development, public relations, and publications.

A2 Academics

Policies related to academic curriculum, faculty, library, research, and general academic functions.

E1 Employment/Hiring

Policies related to employee benefits, compensation, ethics, grievances, student employment, records, job postings, and civil service employment.

E2 Environment, Health, Safety, and Security

Policies related to University safety and emergency protocol.

E3 Enrollment Management

Policies related to registration, financial aid, recruitment, and admissions.

E4 Event Planning and Space Management

Policies related to University events and non-academic space management.

F1 Finance

Policies related to accounting, budget, disbursements, grant administration, payroll, purchasing, sponsored programs, and travel.

F2 Facilities Management

Policies related to facilities management.

G1 Governance

Policies related to business ethics, and risk management.

G2 General Administrative

Policies related to all other general administrative functions.

I1 Information Technology

Policies related to acceptable use, data security, electronic communications, NEIUport, world wide web, voice communications, and technical training.

S1 Student Affairs

Policies related to student activities, student services, campus life, and the student union.

S2 Student Financial Aid

Policies related to student financial aid.