Code Title Effective Date Last Revision
G2.02.1 Printed Material Orders - inactivated 5/24/17. See
Financial Manager's Handbook
K10: Printed Materials Order
07/01/2008 05/24/2017
G2.02.2 Property Control (reclassified to F1.09.1)    
G2.02.3 Mail Services 04/02/2008 03/20/2018
G2.02.4 Vehicle Services Policy 12/01/2015  
G2.02.5 Insurance for Use of University Facilities by Non-University Organizations - Reclassified to F1 Finance    
G2.02.6 Reporting and Filing Insurance Claims - Reclassified to F1 Finance    
G2.99.1 Chosen First Name (recoded from G2.1) 09/01/2015 11/04/2020
G2.99.2 Acceptable Use of University Brand and Trademarked Property (recoded from G2.1.1) 06/01/2019  
G2.99.3 University Events Web Calendar (recoded from G2.1.2) 08/01/2019 01/08/2020
G2.99.4 Targeted Announcements (reclassified from I1 Information Technology) 01/02/2007 06/23/2016