Northeastern Illinois University has partnered with Equifax.

Equifax is available to all current and former employees up to January 1, 2018. This service is free of charge. You can generate your own verification reports and letters on demand.

Employee Verification Report
Employment Verification Report
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
      (will print information directly on the provided stored electronic application)
Salary Verification Letter

Equifax is a leading provider of employment and income verifications which provides immediate access to employment and wage data. It is used by lenders, property managers, pre-employment screeners, social service agencies and others who need to verify your employment status or income.

Current Employee and/or Former Status Employee – Access up to January 1, 2018


Please follow instructions on obtaining salary and/or employment verification below.

  1. From your Internet browser go to
  2. Click the “Verification Portal” link on the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address (*you do not have to use your NEIU email address) and then select the option that designates you as a current or former employee.
  4. Create your unique password and provide the required account validation information.
  5. You will then be emailed an activation link to the email address you’ve provided. Retrieve this email activation link and follow the instructions to login. NOTE – check your SPAM / JUNK folder if you do not receive the activation link within a few minutes.
  6. If you have issues accessing or navigating the Equifax webpage, please contact

* If you use your NEIU email address and leave the University – you will need to contact Equifax to update your email address to obtain your verification information. 


Equifax provides different types of verifications for different purposes. For example, if you are looking to rent an apartment, your landlord may want to verify your current employment. A mortgage company will typically need to verify your income before providing you with a loan. Equifax can meet each of these needs.


Equifax automates the verification process by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors such as banks or government agencies rely on to make credit granting or benefit entitlement decisions (mortgages, loans, etc.).

Utilizing Equifax for employment and wage verification will benefit employees in multiple ways:

  • Reduced turnaround time: Employees and verifiers no longer need to contact HR for verification requests. Employees are able to generate their own reports and letters on demand, as many times needed and free of charge. Properly credentialed verifiers, such as banks or mortgage companies, can also securely access employment verification data at any time. By eliminating the need for internal verifications through our systems, Equifax reduces the turnaround time associated with employment or wage verification. 
  • Pro-active verifier screening, credentialing and auditing: Each company requesting a verification on your behalf is properly vetted and credentialed which makes Equifax's employment verification process very secure. Not only does Equifax validate the identity of all users of its system prior to allowing access to sensitive employee data, but a complete audit trail of every verification is created and then is made available to employees.
  • Transparency and visibility into data: Through the Equifax employee portal, employees are allowed complete visibility into the verification process. Employees can block access to their data, generate their own reports, or choose to be notified when someone views their data.
  • Dedicated support team and consistent SLAs: We are assigned a six-person dedicated service team. This service team will be responsible for the implementation, management and monitoring of all Service Level Standards.


It’s Simple. If an organization needs to verify your wage or employment history, simply direct them to Equifax . Equifax will then register the requestor, validate that they have your consent, as well as a permissible purpose to view your data.

Equifax is also available to all employees, free of charge. You can generate your own verification reports and letters on demand.