Here you will find information about the retirement benefits available to you as an employee of Northeastern Illinois University.

State Universities Retirement System (SURS)

Learn about the different retirement plans offered to you through SURS.

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Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan

Learn about the available supplemental retirement savings plans available to Northeastern Illinois University employees.

403(b) Plans

The University 403(b) Plans are optional investment plans available to all employees receiving compensation from the University. Participants may choose to invest pre-tax and/or Roth (after-tax) money with carriers that can help supplement retirement planning, and will not reduce any other University benefits. Additional information on available plans will be provided during new hire orientation and upon request.

Contribution limits: If you contributed, in any calendar/tax year, to a retirement plan through another employer, it is your responsibility to monitor your total contributions to all plans to ensure that you do not contribute over the IRS maximum allowed each year.

The minimum amount that you may contribute to the 403(b) Plan is $200 per year. The maximum amount you may contribute is determined by the IRS:

For calendar year 2022, the maximum is $20,500.

If you are 50 or more years old at the end of the calendar year, you may also be eligible for an additional “catch-up” contribution of up to $6,500.

There is no employer contribution in these plans.

457 Deferred Compensation Plans

The CMS and SURS Deferred Compensation Plans are supplemental tax-advantaged retirement plans for state university employees. Contributions can be made on a pre-tax and/or a post-tax basis. Enrollment and changes to contribution amounts must be done the month prior to the month you wish to start making contributions or changes to the amount of your contributions.

Enrollment Brochure
Enrollment via record-keeper T. Rowe Price 
(888) 457-5770 

Enrollment Brochure
Enrollment via SURS
(800) 613-9543

SURS and Social Security

Learn how Social Security may interact with your SURS benefits.

Government Pension Offset

Windfall Elimination Provision