Welcome, as we begin the 2023-2024 academic year! 

As I begin my new role as Interim President, I am filled with gratitude and respect for this incredible institution. With 26 years at Northeastern, I cherish this University and the opportunity I have had to teach and help inspire students to achieve academic and professional success.

For many of our students, this fall semester is a continuation of your studies, and I'm happy to welcome you back to campus! For some of you, the fall is the start of an exciting and brand-new experience. And for ALL of you, I am thrilled that you've chosen Northeastern to help guide you in this journey.

As you look to the academic year ahead, I encourage you to envision this moment as a canvas — upon which you imagine your aspirations, outline plans for your future, and fill in the details as your academic path takes shape. Every lecture you attend, project you complete, and opportunity for self-reflection will influence the shape of your canvas.

Students, remember that here at NEIU, you are the creator of your future – and you have many choices along your educational path. Be sure to engage with your professors, join clubs, participate in community outreach, and maximize every resource at your disposal.

For our faculty, know that your dedication is the heartbeat of this University. You don't just teach; you inspire, mentor, and shape the future. To our staff, your tireless efforts behind the scenes ensure that our students can focus on what they do best - learn, grow, and thrive.

While we experience the joy of reunion as the fall semester gets underway, let's also take a moment to acknowledge the challenges we've faced. These past months have tested the University community in unprecedented ways, but they've also showcased the spirit of NEIU – our adaptability, resilience, and shared commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, no matter the circumstances.

As a University, we stand on the foundation of achievements we've earned over the years, but it's imperative to acknowledge that the road ahead requires strategic focus on enrollment growth; financial stewardship and planning; enhancing the NEIU brand; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and fostering a vibrant work environment— all keys to bolstering our future.

This year also brings many opportunities for our faculty, staff, and students to benefit from the launch of new and innovative programs, new partnerships, and community projects that underline NEIU's commitment not only to the educational endeavor but also to the holistic growth and development of our community.

In closing, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the fall semester, and I hope you have a wonderful year.

Go Golden Eagles!