The Purchasing Department has the responsibility to purchase quantities of commodities, equipment, and services as requested by the various campus units, at the lowest possible total end use cost consistent with guidelines of price, service, quality, delivery and terms of sale; or give functional directions to others delegated the authority to perform such services.
Purchasing has the sole authority for obligating University funds and final authority for vendor selection, except where others are specifically authorized by University policy.      
Purchasing will establish and monitor effective internal procedures to efficiently process purchase transactions.     
Purchasing will take the leadership role in establishing and directing the expected levels of due diligence in the review of contractual obligations.      
Purchasing is responsible for initiating and maintaining effective and professional relationships with suppliers, actual and potential.  Purchasing will encourage the exchange of technical and market information consistent with long range University business objectives and advise management accordingly of pertinent changes.     
Purchasing is responsible for overseeing the competitive bidding process in accordance with the policies and procedures mandated by the Illinois Procurement Code and University Board of Trustee regulations.     
Purchasing will assist campus units in locating sources of supply and furnish prices and estimates of cost for materials, equipment, and services to campus units.     
Purchasing will recommend changes that improve product quality, promote better availability, or provide greater economies in purchase or application in order that the best interests of the University may be served.     
Purchasing will follow-up on purchase orders, as required, to ensure that vendors fulfill the purchase agreement on delivery, and that the carrier delivers the shipment promptly and in good condition.      
Purchasing will handle directly with the vendor, as required, all correspondence concerning purchases, including price adjustments, additional shipments to fill shortages, purchase order cancellation, and to present claims for shortages and damages.  Purchasing will assist the user department and negotiate with the vendor on the return of defective or incorrect materials.  
Purchasing will encourage the use of minority-, female-, disabled-, veteran- and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses that have been certified by the State of Illinois as suppliers of goods and services to the University if such action provides value to the University and is not in direct conflict with any other statute, policy, or regulation.      
Purchasing will ensure that sound procurement ethics and disclosure practices are followed throughout the execution of the procurement effort per the guidelines of Article 50 of the Illinois Procurement Code and the State Gift Ban Act.     
Purchasing will demonstrate responsible environmental stewardship of the resources under its control by promoting waste stream reduction through the purchase and use of durable, reusable and high post-consumer content recycled products.