The Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel (VPLA or General Counsel) represents the Board of Trustees of Northeastern Illinois University (the Board), Northeastern Illinois University (Northeastern or the University), and its employees acting in their official capacities. The General Counsel provides legal advice and manages all legal services for the Board and Northeastern.

Guided by the operating principles of high ethical standards, sound decision-making, consensus building, courtesy, and respect, the VPLA is committed to act with integrity, knowledge of the law, and reason in support of the University's mission, vision, and values.

The General Counsel:

  • assists in the development of University policy and procedures
  • advises Northeastern administrators regarding sensitive employment matters
  • reviews contracts and other legal documents
  • selects and coordinates outside legal counsel when necessary
  • helps resolve disputes and claims
  • serves as the University's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer

The VPLA cannot:

  • provide legal advice or representation to employees or students about  personal legal issues such as divorces, wills, and landlord tenant issues
  • counsel University administrators in matters unrelated to Northeastern business
  • advise University administrators or departments whose interests are or may be adverse to the Board or the University

All University matters requiring legal advice or legal action should be referrred to the VPLA.