In compliance with the State of Illinois Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Act, all incoming students of Northeastern Illinois University have the opportunity to identify any adult individual(s) that you would wish to be notified in the event you experience a mental health emergency that puts you or others in danger of harm. You are not required to designate a contact. Should you choose to designate someone, it can be anyone over the age of 18 (parent, relative, sibling, family friend, etc.).

If you would like to designate a contact, go to NEIUport and follow the instructions below.

In NEIUport, you can add, remove, or update information for your mental health emergency contact(s).

  1. Log into NEIUport
  2. Click on the Current Student tab
  3. Under the Personal Information channel click Update Emergency Contact
  4. Click New Contact
  5. In the Relationship drop-down menu select Mental Health Emergency Contact
  6. Enter the contact information into the appropriate fields. If you wish to remove the contact from your Emergency Contact list, click the box marked Remove Contact
  7. Click Submit Changes

Your new Mental Health Emergency Contact should appear under the Update Emergency Contacts. If you need to change any of the contact's information, click the contact's name. If you need to add another contact, click New Contact.