Welcome and thank you for signing up to be a notetaker for Student Disability Services! The training videos and FAQ on this site will provide you with the information and tools to help you become a successful notetaker.

Notetaking for Student Disability Services: What You Need to Know

The first training video below will cover: 

  • The relevant laws that apply to notetakers
  • The role of a notetaker
  • The responsibility of a notetaker


Getting Hired as a Notetaker

The second training video below will cover:  

  • The forms notetakers need to complete and submit to get paid
  • The timelines for submission of the forms


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid?

Notetakers are paid as independent contractors. Notetakers are paid $100 per course after the end of the semester.

Is there direct deposit available?

Unfortunately, at this time direct deposit is not available. Checks will be mailed to the address provided on the notetakers invoice, or you can request that SDS hold your check in our office for pick-up. 

Will I get paid more if I take notes for more than one student in the same class?

The $100 stipend paid to notetakers is per course, not per student. 

Will I get additional pay if I type my notes?

The stipend is $100 regardless of the format for the notes.

If I'm not in the same section as a student but the same course, can I be a notetaker?

To provide notetaking services effectively the notetaker should be in the same section as the student.

Can I be a notetaker if I am referred by a student in class?

Yes, only if a notetaker has not been assigned and the student is approved for notetaking services.

What if a student wants to be anonymous?

The notetaking administrator will instruct you on where or how to submit your notes. Notetakers that have anonymous students assigned should advise SDS, when they are absent, or if class is cancelled. 

What if I'm absent from class?

The notetaker is responsible to provide the notes from the missed class to the student.

What if the student that I'm assigned is not paying attention in class or is taking several breaks during class?

Please remember that the role of a notetaker is to take legible notes and provide them in a timely manner to the student. Notetakers are not hired to supervise, tutor or counsel the student.

What if the student has missed class?

There can be several reasons why a student has missed class. If you notice that the student has missed two consecutive classes, please inform the notetaking administrator in SDS.